Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It was awesome to see y'all and be able to see all the changes y'all have made.  I don't know if y'all could tell, but I was really nervous!  It was good though to be able to communicate with y'all.  
This week was an amazing week.  I love the Savior and this time we had to celebrate his birth.  On Christmas I was able to reflect back on all he has done for me and the changes and meaning in my life that he has made.  I love him dearly and am excited to be doing his work.  I got to thinking this week and have realized how fast time goes by.  I only have a year left.  So, I will make this year count!  Soon Corie will be married, and  Bailee and Kolton will be on missions.  Then, we will see Luke on a mission.  It is amazing to see y'all grow and be an example to me.  I truly love this work; it is a humbling experience to participate in. 
  We were able to go and see Bunny yesterday.  He is most definitely going to be baptized on the 18th, He is ready.  Every time we come over he is so excited and he makes us food every time too....  which is really good.  We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When we were talking about the Holy Ghost the spirit prompted me to show him an example that we don't normally use.  It is when you take a bowl and fill it up with water.  Then, you put a lot of pepper in it.  After you have done that you tell them to put there finger in the water and to try not to get any pepper on it.  Once they notice that they can't put their finger in without getting the pepper on it we have them put dish soap on their finger and when you put your finger in the water the pepper separates.  We then relate the pepper to sin and the dish soap to the Holy Ghost and how it keeps us away from sin.  It was awesome because when we did that everything just clicked for him and he was so excited to receive the Holy Ghost. 
  I was also able to go on exchanges this week.  I was with the Elder y'all saw while y'all were talking to me.  His name is Elder Halvorson.  I had to ride his companions bike though and his companions bike tore up my behind!  haha.  It worked out though.  We had a good time and were able to teach many of their investigators and help them feel the spirit.  That was on Friday. 
  One last experience to sum up the week.  We go tracting as a zone every saturday at 3 o'clock.  When Elder Huff and I went out the very first door we knocked an older lady answered and accepted to listen to our message.  We then proceeded to teach her the restoration.  It went really well.  Her name is Jerry.  So we will be seeing her again some time this week and I will update y'all on how that goes.  I love y'all and hope y'all have a good safe week.  I am doing great and love it out here in Kountze, Texas.  And, sorry for not getting a picture of our trailer.  I didn't have time.  I will get one to y'all next week!
Elder Willden

A family who had us over on Christmas Eve and gave us remote control cars for Christmas!  Their last name was Ratcliff.

wearing a Joker smile while holding a rat!

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