Monday, April 29, 2013

Alright we had an awesome week this week.  I will start by talking about this 18 year old boy named Andrew.  He is about as tall as me, super skinny, graduating this year, has long black hair, and loves to talk about Christ.  We got a referral from another set of missionaries saying that he was interested in hearing more about our beliefs.  So, we started trying to talk to him, but everytime we went to his house he wasn't there.  Then, saturday I was with Elder Hatch (zone leader), because Elder Meyer was sick(will explain in a minute) and we went and knocked on his door.  His brother answered and we asked if Andrew was there and we see a guy explode to his feet.  And, he came outside and we started talking to him.  He really wanted to know more about our church and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he talked about wanting to change his life. So we taught him about the atonement and invited him to church.  And, he said he wanted to come, but he needed a ride.  So, we got him a ride and he actually came!  He is really open with us and a good kid.  Generally speaking.  
We also taught this 18 year old boy named Olegario.  He is taller than me and big.  He is legit.  We invited him to be baptized and he totally said yes and was so excited about it.  Then, we committed him to a date which is the 18th of may.  I am really excited for him.  He plays football, lives with his grandparents, and is really sincere.  
Anyways I will now explain the situation with Elder Meyer.  He began throwing up on thursday night so we had to stay in that night.  Then, we went out all day friday and when we got home he began throwing up again.  So, we decided to see how he felt saturday morning to determine whether he was going to go work or not.  Well, he started throwing up in the morning, so I had to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and the District leader and his companion to get to all our appointments.  I started out with the Zone Leaders and we had a great morning. We got two new investigators,  one being Andrew the other Mattie.  Who I will talk about after this.  Then, I went out with the District Leader, Elder Halter and we got wet.  Well, we were riding our bikes and it started to rain and then all havick broke loose.  I have never seen rain come down so hard so quick!  We decided to just keep trying people.  And we talked to this guy and got a return appointment.  Then, we were just too wet and had to go in.  By the time we got to the appartment there was not a dry spot on my body.  So, I changed and went out again in the car.  We went to an appointment and that went well.  Then, we went outside and the streets were begining to flood so we decided to go in.  Well we about got stuck in the water 2 times.  There were cars stuck all over the place it was crazy!  Then, it started hailing too.  Anyways it cleared up enough to go out at 8 o'clock so we had to wait out the storm.  
So, pertaining to Mattie.  She was a referral and we got there and she said that her little nephew died and her daughter has been asking her lots of questions about it.  Well we taught her the plan of salvation.  It went awesome. 
I love yall and hope ya'll have a good week!
Elder Willden

(email responding to dad)
We have a thing called the area book that has all the Investigators that missionaries dropped or the investigator dropped them.  We do go find less actives in fact we have activated two less actives already.  We had an awesome week this week.  We got 5 new investigators.  And, that is a cool story about mom just picking us up and leaving.  And, Joseph Smith I have learned that he was a spiritual expert.  Even though he had a third grade education in worldly things.  He had a masters in spiritual.  I am learning a lot and loving it.  Love you and hope all is well.
Elder Willden

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elder Willden at NASA Space Center in Houston, TX

Pics of Elder Willden's bike....broken pedal already?  Working hard!

Larry Yard, Elder Ynchausti, and Elder Willden

Vidor, TX district

Gator park in Louisiana pics

Apartment pics in Pasadena, TX

Fruity Pebbles and Tuna for dinner?

Elder Ynchausti, Elder Meyer (new to Vidor) and Elder Willden (leaving Vidor)
Packed up to leave Vidor, TX

gross thing on bathroom counter in Pasadena, TX 

Alright ya'll.  This week was a little crazy so here we go.  On tuesday morning we drove to Houston.  And I got put with Elder Meyer in Pasadena Texas.  It is right next to Houston about an hour away.  President came up to me after the meeting and said that he origanally had me staying in Vidor.  But, something didn't feel right so he moved me.  Told me I was a good missionary and to bless the area.  Then Elder Meyer and I took off.  And, I quickly realized he loves saying "Oh my goodness".  I am still trying to get used to it.  Haha.  When we got to Pasadena I quickly noticed the distinct smell.  It is kinda gross.  Anyways our appartment has a very unique smell too. haha.  But, we went and tried some people and that ended that day.  I was really homesick for vidor.  The next two days nothing seemed to go right I was working my tail end off trying to figure things out and going through the area book and nobody was letting us in for a lesson.  Then, we were riding our bikes down the road and someone said, "God is Good"  I was immediately filled with joy for reasons I don't exactly know why.  And, I knew that was a blessing from god.  And, then things just started to work.  All of the work I was putting in was turning into lessons and I was pulled out of a dark abyss.  The lord will let satan work on you until the point you are about to break and he pulls you out.  And, that is how he keeps us humble and helps us grow.  Anyways, Elder Meyer and I have been working hard and I am begining to love my area.  I have been reading in Jesus the Christ and the savior was amazing.  All we have to do is merelly try our best to follow him and he will do the rest.  Man cannot build itself because the foundation will fall.  But, with God and built on the savior we will grow to be sky scrapers.  I have gained a testimony of this church.  There is no other church that has the fullness of the gospel.  I love all yall.
Elder Willden

Monday, April 15, 2013

Howdy Ya'll!  We had a good week this week, but something really sad happened this last saturday night.  I am being transfered into a new area.  Normally right after training the trained missionary leads the area for one transfer, but the lord has other plans for me.  So, if ya'll are going to write me a letter please send it to the mission home.  Anyways, we worked hard this past week.  On Tuesday we had our interviews with the mission president and that was fun.  We also saw Darrell Minton, and again he is working on changing his wife's point of view.  We are working with Steve Leiper and are trying to set a baptism date with him.  He had a bad experience at a Pentecostal Church where they made him stand in front of everyone and they yelled at him and told him he was going to hell.  So, it is really hard to get him to come to church and he still hasn't come.  We also met with Jon Loftin and he wants to get baptized, but is having a hard time coming to church because of his wife with dementia.  Billy, Claire, and Lollie are doing well now.  We road our bikes to their house on Friday and right when we got there and started talking to them their land lord showed up.  And, they owed him 1500 dollars fyi.  And, Lollie (Billy's mom) went and started talking to him and came back after a while and the land lord dropped it to 500 dollars!  It was crazy.  Then, we went to dinner at a part member family that just moved in named the Rodrigezes.  And, they have 10 kids!  Anyways we had dinner and talked with them for a while and taught a lesson then invited them to go to church and their two 8 year old girls wanted to go so bad, that haven't been baptized yet fyi.  And, they came!  It was so good.  And when I told the two little 8 year old girls that I was leaving they were so sad.  It was so funny.  I am totally coming back to see them when they get baptized.  We also got a new solid investigator.  Her name is Bree.  She was outside her home doing a flower bed with her kids and her kids yelled hi to us so we stopped and started talking to her and gave her a book of mormon and she has never heard of our church!  Anyways, she really wanted to learn more so I am excited.  I haven't told ya'll much about my companion, but I will now.  His nickname is Willy Wonka.  He LOVES sugar.  And, Sister Crawford (mission presidents wife) Told me that whenever he gets out of hand with the sugar I am allowed to wrestle it away from him!  Anyways, he likes to have fun.  We go no hands no feet on our bikes all the time like a boss!  I am going to miss him, but at the same time he kind of has a hard head and doesn't like it when I correct him, but its okay if he corrects me!  I am used to it and I have learned a lot from him.  I love my mission.  I am so glad I get to serve the lord!
Elder Willden

Hey the work is going well.  We commited Jon Loftin to be baptized but he didn't come to church so he can't meet his date.  I am getting transfered to a new area tomorrow.  I am a little frustrated and sad.  But, the lord needs me somewhere else.  So, if anyone is going to write me tell them to send the letters to the mission home.  I am working hard.  And, I love it.  It's crazy how much my mission has changed me already.  I love ya!
Elder Willden

Monday, April 8, 2013

First off thank you so much for the package!  I forgot to write that last week!  So we have been really busy!  But, it is good.  Transfers are coming up next week.  And, I am doing well.  We helped Larry Yard move this week.  We helped him on wednesday, and we got a call friday morning from him telling us that he didn't get help for the rest of the stuff that night, so we had to go over again and help him get everything there.  And on Sunday at the start of the last session of Conference, I was sitting in the church and I got smacked on the back of the head. I look back and its Larry; so we were really happy that he showed up for a session.  But, we will no longer be teaching him, oh well...  We met with Darrell Minton this week, and he is so funny.  He knows so much about the church and wants to get baptized so bad, but can't because if he does his wife will leave him.  So he is working on her, eventually she will warm up to the church through all of the prayers.  Chivon and Lawrence, the two investigators we haven't been able to get in with for a long time, when we got to the door Lawrence opened the door and talked to us for a minute.   His wife just found out she may have like one of five different sicknesses and all of them mean she has 5-15 years left.  And so he was really distraught.  We offered a preisthood blessing and told them to pray about it as a family to see if that is something they would want.  Billy and Claire are doing well. We got to talk with Billy's mother, and now she is investigating and comes out to all of our meetings with them.  And Jon Loftin wasn't able to come to conference so we are going to have to change his baptism date.  He is really humble and is learning a lot really fast, but you can't be baptized if you can't show that you will live the commandments, one of them being sabbath day.  Steve Leiper broke up with his girlfriend, and ever since we haven't been able to get in with him.  We are going to try him tonight.  Hopefully he is okay.  I loved conference.  Elder L. Tom Perry's Talk was one of my favorite ones.  We can't choose the commandments we want to live.  And as the world's standards go down, that doesn't mean the church's standards go down too.  Obedience is an amazing thing!  It really does bring blessings.  I already learned the bad consequences at home :).  Transfers are coming up next week so we will find out if I am going to stay in Vidor or go somewhere else.  I want to stay in Vidor, but where ever the lord needs me I will go.  Tell Bailee and Kolton I laughed my head off when I found out they now have glasses.  I kinda want to see some pictures.  I will send a package with my memory card in it and the GPS because I called TOMTOM because it kept turning off and wouldn't turn on when the car was off.  And they said they would replace it for free.  But, I don't have the time to figure all that out.  So, if ya'll would do that for me that would be nice!   LOVE YOU!  ya'll and have a good week!  Hope ya'll liked the pens!
Elder Willden  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sounds like yall are doing well!  I love hearing from all yall.  I had a good easter!  We went over to the quirantes for dinner.  It was good.  The quirantes are awesome.  Anyways we are going to Louisiana today, so I am going to have to type like crazy.  We are going for zone p-day.  We are going to go to a park and check out the alligators!  I am so excited.  I have had another great week.  I finally learned how to go no hands no feet!  haha anyways yall know how I crashed my bike last week, well it broke so we had to go to beaumont to a bike shop and I payed 50 dollars to fix it and FYI Larry Yard drove us there!  It was so cool we went over for a lesson and we told him how we have no idea how we are going to get to beaumont and he said well I will take yall.  It was awesome.  Anyways when we went to visit him the next time on friday he told us that he is moving and so we are losing him to some other missionaries in vidor. :(  anyways we saw Jon Loftin this week and he has come so far.  He is looking forward to his baptism date.  April 13th.  And Steve is doing well, he just needs to find a way to kick his girlfriend out.  I love yall and will write a letter to tell yall more!
Elder Willden
ps.  tell all those whom got there mission calls I said congrats and that I love em!
Alright I have a little more time.  So, on saturday we were out going to an appointment and Elder Ynchausti felt like we needed to try this house that we had already knocked before.  Well the guy answered the door and we were able to teach him some of the Restoration lesson.  It was so cool because he was really interested and wants us to come back.  Anyways Greg Thomas gave us a call on thursday and told us he had talked to his preacher and this wasn't for him.  I tried to talk him into letting us come over on last time but he wouldn't have it so that stunk.  And on sunday this lady named Margy Farley got up and bore her testimony with sass.  It was so funny.  Anyways now I gotta go love yall!