Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vidor, Texas

Hello Sister Willden!

Your sweet son has arrived and it was our pleasure to meet him today. I expect you have (or will) receive an email from our wonderful mission president & his wife but an extra picture rarely hurts. Elder Willden is serving in the Williamson II Ward and has a fantastic trainer! Elder Ynchausti is sincerely one of my favorite missionaries. He is incredibly kind, generous and humble and I can see how well matched your son is in this companionship.
Sadly, they are not serving in our ward (Williamson III) but my boys picked them up in Houston today and we had the opportunity to visit with them for a few minutes. Vidor is a wonderful place to serve in my humblest opinion and we all know that Texans have humble opinions! haha There are four wards here and the people are very friendly.
If there is anything we can do to be of assistance please let us know. We really are so excited to have these missionaries and know they are serving here at great sacrifice. Thank your for sending your son and raising such a wonderful young man that WANTS to be here.

All my love,
Melissa Moore

lissa Moore

Arrival to the TEXAS HOUSTON EAST Mission Home


Dear Families,

Your Missionary has arrived safely to T.H.E. Mission! Upon arrival we met your missionary at the airport and took them directly to the mission home where they were feed Texas Bar-b-que and met the office staff. An orientation by the office staff followed lunch while individual interviews were conducted by President Crawford. That evening they were invited to share their testimonies. The following morning was focused on training after which they met their new companion and were transported to their area of service. They are now out diligently searching for our Heavenly Father's children and doing the work of the Lord. Thank you for sending your daughters and sons to us, they have added great strength to our small army here in the Texas Houston East Mission. We love them and are so grateful to have them with us. You will find attached a picture of your newly arrived missionary with Sister Crawford and myself as well as their arriving group.

We are writing to confirm your e-mail address. We use this method to keep you informed in case of hurricanes or in getting you other important information concerning T.H.E. Mission.
We are delighted that your Missionary is here and look forward to working with them.


President and Sister Crawford


Handwritten Letters From Elder Willden while at MTC

Letter 1:

To The FAM!
Hey Guys!  I am so glad I am on a mission!  I have been working really hard and Love the Gospel!!  The MTC is a lot different than what you would expect.  But it is awesome.  I hace a companion and his name is Elder Kalilimoku.  The first day he came in late and had a ton of candy around his neck!  He is half Hawaiian and half Korean.  I became district leader last night.  I have learned a lot while I have been here (just 2 days)  I share a room with two other Elders named Elder Loveland and Elder Rice.  As district leader I am in charge of taking care of my district.  It has been a great learning experience seeing what all these elders are going through.  Last night when I was called, my Branch President told me that Elder Holland specifically told him that the elders he will be calling to leadership positions right now are going to eventually be the leaders of our church.  The spirit is really strong here and I love every momnet of it.  I want you guys to please pray for my district.  I love you all and hope everything is going well!  Kolton and Luke,  prepare for your missions now!!  You can start by memorizing My Purpose found on pg 1 of Preach My Gospel.  You will be great missionaries!  Bailee and Corie, if you are wondering about serving, pray.  Heavenly Father has a plan for you and he wants the best for you!
Mom and Dad, I love and respect you so much!  I miss you all!  And guys, listen to mom and dad.  They know what they are talking about!
I want you guys to know that Jesus Christ DID ATONE for OUR sins.  There is no greater sacrifice.  And Heavenly Father loves us more than we can possibly know!  I have come to know how much the Lord loves us. 
Me and my companion get along well!  He is 22 years old!  It's been fun getting to know him.  Elder Rice  take things too seriously, but has the cutest girl waiting on him.  Elder Loveland is a cool guy.  He lived in Idaho and graduated with 13 kids in his class!  I like what I am doing and love who I am with!  Love all of you guys!!!!
Elder Willden
PS.  Watch out Kolton, my basketball skills are off the charts!

Letter 2:
Dear Fam.,
Hope you got all my letters!  I have been working hard and learning lots!  Just a sample of what I have learned is you can teach by the spirit, by Listening to the spirit.  You can feel the spirit while you're teaching, but your not teaching by the spirit if you are not listening.  I LOVE our Heavenly Father!  He loves all of us very dearly.  When you read the scriptures, the main point throught the whole book is God Loves Us.  Daily scripture study is crucial, please don't take it lightly.  The reason why we read the Book of Mormon more than once is because, if  you take the time to read two verses as a family and just ask what they got from it, you will be amazed at how many insights are in one scripture. 
So, my two sone leaders are Elder Badley (a huge black man) and Elder Bushman.  I love these guys.  I was taking a shower, then got out, dried off and put on my robe.  I walked back to my residence, opened the door, took two steps in and heard someone yell "BANG" and a nerf dart zoomed past me.  I have never screamed so loud!  I turned and there was a big black guy laying in my bed with a nerf gun and the funniest smile on his face.(Elder Badley).  I was in shock and didn't know even what to think.  He got up and came towards me laughing and said, "gotcha!" 
I love you guys and hope you are doing well!  Write me back!
Elder Willden

Letter 3:
Dear Family, 
I forgot to put in a few parts in my last letter, but here ya go. I had the opportunity to give a sick sister a blessing in my district, Sister Foxcroft.  I know that Heavenly Father can speak directly through us.  By the way this happened on Saturday.  Anyways, second I had the opportunity to listen to Elder Holland tonight!  He is an amazing speaker! And last, I wanted to tell you I can only email for 30 min. a week during laundry so be patient with pictures! and it would be nicce if you guys would write me a little more!(siblings)  Love you guys!
Elder Willden
PS.  I ran into Tyler Johnson.  He is very different! I love my mission! and you guys!

Letter 4: 
Hey guys!  Just in case you didn't know, I leave to Texas on the 28th @ 8:00am. So expect a call before then!  Today is p-day, so I get to go to the Temple!  I get up @ 6:00 am every morning, wierd huh! and my schedule is different every day, but it's always fun!  Anyways I have learned a ton.  I have got a ton of pictures for you guys.  I hope you are doing well, love you guys!  Doing laundry here is crazy!  It's so hard to find a machine, but is's all good.  Last night I had to take to the 2 new district leaders because we go two districts on Wednesday.  I am kinda sad because my zone leaders are leaving next week!  I only have a little over a week left!  I am so excited to go teach.  One thing I have learned is our life is one big machine and prayer is the oil to your machine.  You have to have a good quality and your have to constantly be oiling it for it to work right. Pray sincerely with real intent.  And if you are praying constantly you will receive revelation and know where to go in life! 
Love, Elder Willden

Letter 5:
Dear Willdens,
I just woke up, it is 6:27am.  I saw Cody today, and Chase Hansen.  They both looked scared out of their minds, so I told them the best piece of advice I have..."make it til Sunday!"  Sunday is awesome!  Anyways, the two Elders that I asked you to pray for are doing great now.  But, there is one sister in our zone, Sister Alcock...she hasn't really gotten much mail and she feels down.  Please pray for her.  I was talking to the new guys in our zone and they kept saying "yes sir" and stuff like that!  I found that kind of funny!  It's different how much the new guys look up to you.  I have been playing a lot of basketball, but I keep it on the down low, so I don't make anyone look to bad...Ha Ha, JkJk! 
Prayer is extremely important.  Don't take it lightly.  Me and my companion  were teach an "investigator" and I said a prayer.  At the end I asked Heavenly Father to help this man know that His son is in Heaven waiting for him, and a few other things.  After the prayer, everything about him changed.  He went from denying Christ, to feeling the spirit.  President Holland came on Tuesday and that was awesome!  He also dedicated my building and 2 others.  In the prayer he asked for all the doors to be guarded by spirits/angels.  It was awesome.  This work is awesome.  I can't wait to get out in the field because the food here is kinda horrible.  I will get you some pics tomorrow. 
love ya!
Elder Willden

Letter 6: 
Well I am on my last week @ the MTC.  It is weird thinking about it.  But, I am so excited.  Thank you for the cookies!  There are only 2 left because someone tried one and then everyone else wanted one.  Our flight is on Monday @ 8:00am.  I have learned so much here and can't wait to go apply it in the field.  Yesterday during my class, we were reading the Book of Mormon.  We would read three or four verses and sotp and have some people share the revelation that we got from it.  We read 3 Nephi 11.  I started bawling, because they also had us ask a question before.  And my question was "How can I continue to work hard and be an example?"  My answer was "I am proud of you, keep doing what you are doing."  I love you all.  An you guys should try that activity, it is amazing!  Ther is so much in the scriptures!
Elder Willden

Saturday, January 26, 2013












On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 7:07 AM
I am going to be in Texas on monday.  Here are some pics.  Me and my companion and my zone leaders.  My companion is the asian looking one!  haha.

Elder Willden with mtc companion, Elder Kalilimoku

Elder Willden and zone leaders
Elder Tyler Johnson and Elder Chase Willden:  these two were friends in kindergarten and they went to highschool together. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

January 18, 3013
I forgot my camera to the Laundry room!  sorry your gonna have to wait one more week!  Love you guys and hope your doing well!  I have been working hard and learning much.  Always pray, prayer is so essential.  That is how we can build our relationship with Heavenly Father.  That is literally how you receive revelation.  I hope you guys will write me!  Especially since I found the time to write all of my brothers and sisters!  I want to hear from ya!  Love you.

Elder Willden

Well tell Bailee to feel better.  I don't know if I told you yet, but I gave a blessing to sister Foxcroft in my district because she is really sick.  It was amazing.  This gospel is true.  I have been working really hard and it feels good knowing that.  The spirit is a very powerful tool in our lives!  We need to take advantage of it.  I didn't always recognize how the spirit works, but now I use the spirit constantly guiding me telling me what to say and what to do.  Heavenly Father has an amazing interest in our lives.  We should always look to him.  The Plan of Salvation is real.  Me and my companion have been teaching an "investigator" who was denying Christ and Heavenly Father because his 14 year old son died of cancer and his mom and his uncle and the list goes on and on.  At the end of our lesson I testified to him that Heavenly Father loves us, and wants to communicate to us and that if he would pray and ask him if he will see his son, he will get an answer.  Then I talked about papa and how when he passed away I felt the same way he does and I prayed about it and I got my answer.  And after I closed with a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to give him an answer and tell him he loves him. After doing that our next lesson was awesome.  He was listening extremely well and soked in everything.  I testify that Prayer changes lives.  I love you!

Elder Willden

January 12, 2013
Hey I am doing great I just sent a bunch of letters so get ready for those!  I am now the district leader over my district!  I love this work and wouldn't trade anything for it!  I love you guys and hope you will write me!  I will do better with letters cause then I have time to write.  Love ya'll!
Elder Willden

Provo Temple with Elder Willden before MTC drop off


Video of Chase opening his mission call on the evening of Nov. 7, 2012