Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Well I am now out in Kountze Texas!  It is very country.  And, I am serving with Elder Huff.  Our address is 635 E. Fox, Kountze, Texas, 77625.  I am doing great out here in Kountze.  We have to drive a Jeep because there are a lot of dirt roads we have already gotten stuck once too.  Our area is Huge.  It is like ten times the size of Fall Creek or more.  Anyways, we teach a lot of really humble country people. 
  I love this time of the year where we get to reflect on the Savior and his birth.  I love the Christmas hymns and their wonderful messages.  I know that Christ was born.  And, I know Father in Heaven loved us so much that he gave his son.  I love the spirit that comes as we reflect on this wonderful event that took place. 
  We had an awesome experience on Wednesday.  We were out riding our bikes to go try one of our investigators and we stopped to talk to a guy walking on the side of the road.  Turns out he was from India.  He has a really thick accent too.  He stated that he had a friend back in India who is a Branch President or something for our church.  He then invited us to walk home with him and teach him so we did.  We had a very powerful lesson and he cried the whole time and afterwards told us that he hadn't gone outside in over a month and us stopping to talk to him was a sign to him that God wanted this to happen.  He also told us all about how when he was in India he was Hindu, but one day someone talked about Jesus Christ to him and he felt a burning feeling and he knew it was true.  So he has believed in God and Jesus Christ since.  But, while in India he got into debt with his business and had to come over here to be able to get out of debt and provide for his family.  He is extremely humble.  We have taught him 4 times since Wednesday and he will be getting baptized on January 18th.  We are so excited.  And another funny side note about this guy, his nickname that he likes to be called while he is here in America is Bunny.  haha.
  We have just been going out and working hard and the Lord is blessing us... that describes our whole week.  I want to tell one more story though.  We were doing the Hour of Power on thursday night and we tracted into a family and we were able to teach them.  The spirit was so strong and we will be seeing them later tonight.  Their names are Steven and Shauna Roth.  I am really excited to work with them. 
  And Yes we will be skyping this Christmas:)  It will be sometime around 1:00.  I will have the member call all-y'all and set everything up!  I love y'all and am excited to get to see y'all.  I am loving my mission and I am also loving the work. Y'all have a wonderful Christmas!
Elder Willden

We were out in the middle of no where trying someone and there was a deer.  And the next one is Bunny when we had Lunch with him.  In India they eat with their hands at home, so we ate with our hands. It was quite the experience!

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