Monday, April 1, 2013

Sounds like yall are doing well!  I love hearing from all yall.  I had a good easter!  We went over to the quirantes for dinner.  It was good.  The quirantes are awesome.  Anyways we are going to Louisiana today, so I am going to have to type like crazy.  We are going for zone p-day.  We are going to go to a park and check out the alligators!  I am so excited.  I have had another great week.  I finally learned how to go no hands no feet!  haha anyways yall know how I crashed my bike last week, well it broke so we had to go to beaumont to a bike shop and I payed 50 dollars to fix it and FYI Larry Yard drove us there!  It was so cool we went over for a lesson and we told him how we have no idea how we are going to get to beaumont and he said well I will take yall.  It was awesome.  Anyways when we went to visit him the next time on friday he told us that he is moving and so we are losing him to some other missionaries in vidor. :(  anyways we saw Jon Loftin this week and he has come so far.  He is looking forward to his baptism date.  April 13th.  And Steve is doing well, he just needs to find a way to kick his girlfriend out.  I love yall and will write a letter to tell yall more!
Elder Willden
ps.  tell all those whom got there mission calls I said congrats and that I love em!
Alright I have a little more time.  So, on saturday we were out going to an appointment and Elder Ynchausti felt like we needed to try this house that we had already knocked before.  Well the guy answered the door and we were able to teach him some of the Restoration lesson.  It was so cool because he was really interested and wants us to come back.  Anyways Greg Thomas gave us a call on thursday and told us he had talked to his preacher and this wasn't for him.  I tried to talk him into letting us come over on last time but he wouldn't have it so that stunk.  And on sunday this lady named Margy Farley got up and bore her testimony with sass.  It was so funny.  Anyways now I gotta go love yall!

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