Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elder Willden at NASA Space Center in Houston, TX

Pics of Elder Willden's bike....broken pedal already?  Working hard!

Larry Yard, Elder Ynchausti, and Elder Willden

Vidor, TX district

Gator park in Louisiana pics

Apartment pics in Pasadena, TX

Fruity Pebbles and Tuna for dinner?

Elder Ynchausti, Elder Meyer (new to Vidor) and Elder Willden (leaving Vidor)
Packed up to leave Vidor, TX

gross thing on bathroom counter in Pasadena, TX 

Alright ya'll.  This week was a little crazy so here we go.  On tuesday morning we drove to Houston.  And I got put with Elder Meyer in Pasadena Texas.  It is right next to Houston about an hour away.  President came up to me after the meeting and said that he origanally had me staying in Vidor.  But, something didn't feel right so he moved me.  Told me I was a good missionary and to bless the area.  Then Elder Meyer and I took off.  And, I quickly realized he loves saying "Oh my goodness".  I am still trying to get used to it.  Haha.  When we got to Pasadena I quickly noticed the distinct smell.  It is kinda gross.  Anyways our appartment has a very unique smell too. haha.  But, we went and tried some people and that ended that day.  I was really homesick for vidor.  The next two days nothing seemed to go right I was working my tail end off trying to figure things out and going through the area book and nobody was letting us in for a lesson.  Then, we were riding our bikes down the road and someone said, "God is Good"  I was immediately filled with joy for reasons I don't exactly know why.  And, I knew that was a blessing from god.  And, then things just started to work.  All of the work I was putting in was turning into lessons and I was pulled out of a dark abyss.  The lord will let satan work on you until the point you are about to break and he pulls you out.  And, that is how he keeps us humble and helps us grow.  Anyways, Elder Meyer and I have been working hard and I am begining to love my area.  I have been reading in Jesus the Christ and the savior was amazing.  All we have to do is merelly try our best to follow him and he will do the rest.  Man cannot build itself because the foundation will fall.  But, with God and built on the savior we will grow to be sky scrapers.  I have gained a testimony of this church.  There is no other church that has the fullness of the gospel.  I love all yall.
Elder Willden

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