Monday, April 15, 2013

Howdy Ya'll!  We had a good week this week, but something really sad happened this last saturday night.  I am being transfered into a new area.  Normally right after training the trained missionary leads the area for one transfer, but the lord has other plans for me.  So, if ya'll are going to write me a letter please send it to the mission home.  Anyways, we worked hard this past week.  On Tuesday we had our interviews with the mission president and that was fun.  We also saw Darrell Minton, and again he is working on changing his wife's point of view.  We are working with Steve Leiper and are trying to set a baptism date with him.  He had a bad experience at a Pentecostal Church where they made him stand in front of everyone and they yelled at him and told him he was going to hell.  So, it is really hard to get him to come to church and he still hasn't come.  We also met with Jon Loftin and he wants to get baptized, but is having a hard time coming to church because of his wife with dementia.  Billy, Claire, and Lollie are doing well now.  We road our bikes to their house on Friday and right when we got there and started talking to them their land lord showed up.  And, they owed him 1500 dollars fyi.  And, Lollie (Billy's mom) went and started talking to him and came back after a while and the land lord dropped it to 500 dollars!  It was crazy.  Then, we went to dinner at a part member family that just moved in named the Rodrigezes.  And, they have 10 kids!  Anyways we had dinner and talked with them for a while and taught a lesson then invited them to go to church and their two 8 year old girls wanted to go so bad, that haven't been baptized yet fyi.  And, they came!  It was so good.  And when I told the two little 8 year old girls that I was leaving they were so sad.  It was so funny.  I am totally coming back to see them when they get baptized.  We also got a new solid investigator.  Her name is Bree.  She was outside her home doing a flower bed with her kids and her kids yelled hi to us so we stopped and started talking to her and gave her a book of mormon and she has never heard of our church!  Anyways, she really wanted to learn more so I am excited.  I haven't told ya'll much about my companion, but I will now.  His nickname is Willy Wonka.  He LOVES sugar.  And, Sister Crawford (mission presidents wife) Told me that whenever he gets out of hand with the sugar I am allowed to wrestle it away from him!  Anyways, he likes to have fun.  We go no hands no feet on our bikes all the time like a boss!  I am going to miss him, but at the same time he kind of has a hard head and doesn't like it when I correct him, but its okay if he corrects me!  I am used to it and I have learned a lot from him.  I love my mission.  I am so glad I get to serve the lord!
Elder Willden

Hey the work is going well.  We commited Jon Loftin to be baptized but he didn't come to church so he can't meet his date.  I am getting transfered to a new area tomorrow.  I am a little frustrated and sad.  But, the lord needs me somewhere else.  So, if anyone is going to write me tell them to send the letters to the mission home.  I am working hard.  And, I love it.  It's crazy how much my mission has changed me already.  I love ya!
Elder Willden

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