Monday, April 8, 2013

First off thank you so much for the package!  I forgot to write that last week!  So we have been really busy!  But, it is good.  Transfers are coming up next week.  And, I am doing well.  We helped Larry Yard move this week.  We helped him on wednesday, and we got a call friday morning from him telling us that he didn't get help for the rest of the stuff that night, so we had to go over again and help him get everything there.  And on Sunday at the start of the last session of Conference, I was sitting in the church and I got smacked on the back of the head. I look back and its Larry; so we were really happy that he showed up for a session.  But, we will no longer be teaching him, oh well...  We met with Darrell Minton this week, and he is so funny.  He knows so much about the church and wants to get baptized so bad, but can't because if he does his wife will leave him.  So he is working on her, eventually she will warm up to the church through all of the prayers.  Chivon and Lawrence, the two investigators we haven't been able to get in with for a long time, when we got to the door Lawrence opened the door and talked to us for a minute.   His wife just found out she may have like one of five different sicknesses and all of them mean she has 5-15 years left.  And so he was really distraught.  We offered a preisthood blessing and told them to pray about it as a family to see if that is something they would want.  Billy and Claire are doing well. We got to talk with Billy's mother, and now she is investigating and comes out to all of our meetings with them.  And Jon Loftin wasn't able to come to conference so we are going to have to change his baptism date.  He is really humble and is learning a lot really fast, but you can't be baptized if you can't show that you will live the commandments, one of them being sabbath day.  Steve Leiper broke up with his girlfriend, and ever since we haven't been able to get in with him.  We are going to try him tonight.  Hopefully he is okay.  I loved conference.  Elder L. Tom Perry's Talk was one of my favorite ones.  We can't choose the commandments we want to live.  And as the world's standards go down, that doesn't mean the church's standards go down too.  Obedience is an amazing thing!  It really does bring blessings.  I already learned the bad consequences at home :).  Transfers are coming up next week so we will find out if I am going to stay in Vidor or go somewhere else.  I want to stay in Vidor, but where ever the lord needs me I will go.  Tell Bailee and Kolton I laughed my head off when I found out they now have glasses.  I kinda want to see some pictures.  I will send a package with my memory card in it and the GPS because I called TOMTOM because it kept turning off and wouldn't turn on when the car was off.  And they said they would replace it for free.  But, I don't have the time to figure all that out.  So, if ya'll would do that for me that would be nice!   LOVE YOU!  ya'll and have a good week!  Hope ya'll liked the pens!
Elder Willden  

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