Monday, April 29, 2013

Alright we had an awesome week this week.  I will start by talking about this 18 year old boy named Andrew.  He is about as tall as me, super skinny, graduating this year, has long black hair, and loves to talk about Christ.  We got a referral from another set of missionaries saying that he was interested in hearing more about our beliefs.  So, we started trying to talk to him, but everytime we went to his house he wasn't there.  Then, saturday I was with Elder Hatch (zone leader), because Elder Meyer was sick(will explain in a minute) and we went and knocked on his door.  His brother answered and we asked if Andrew was there and we see a guy explode to his feet.  And, he came outside and we started talking to him.  He really wanted to know more about our church and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he talked about wanting to change his life. So we taught him about the atonement and invited him to church.  And, he said he wanted to come, but he needed a ride.  So, we got him a ride and he actually came!  He is really open with us and a good kid.  Generally speaking.  
We also taught this 18 year old boy named Olegario.  He is taller than me and big.  He is legit.  We invited him to be baptized and he totally said yes and was so excited about it.  Then, we committed him to a date which is the 18th of may.  I am really excited for him.  He plays football, lives with his grandparents, and is really sincere.  
Anyways I will now explain the situation with Elder Meyer.  He began throwing up on thursday night so we had to stay in that night.  Then, we went out all day friday and when we got home he began throwing up again.  So, we decided to see how he felt saturday morning to determine whether he was going to go work or not.  Well, he started throwing up in the morning, so I had to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and the District leader and his companion to get to all our appointments.  I started out with the Zone Leaders and we had a great morning. We got two new investigators,  one being Andrew the other Mattie.  Who I will talk about after this.  Then, I went out with the District Leader, Elder Halter and we got wet.  Well, we were riding our bikes and it started to rain and then all havick broke loose.  I have never seen rain come down so hard so quick!  We decided to just keep trying people.  And we talked to this guy and got a return appointment.  Then, we were just too wet and had to go in.  By the time we got to the appartment there was not a dry spot on my body.  So, I changed and went out again in the car.  We went to an appointment and that went well.  Then, we went outside and the streets were begining to flood so we decided to go in.  Well we about got stuck in the water 2 times.  There were cars stuck all over the place it was crazy!  Then, it started hailing too.  Anyways it cleared up enough to go out at 8 o'clock so we had to wait out the storm.  
So, pertaining to Mattie.  She was a referral and we got there and she said that her little nephew died and her daughter has been asking her lots of questions about it.  Well we taught her the plan of salvation.  It went awesome. 
I love yall and hope ya'll have a good week!
Elder Willden

(email responding to dad)
We have a thing called the area book that has all the Investigators that missionaries dropped or the investigator dropped them.  We do go find less actives in fact we have activated two less actives already.  We had an awesome week this week.  We got 5 new investigators.  And, that is a cool story about mom just picking us up and leaving.  And, Joseph Smith I have learned that he was a spiritual expert.  Even though he had a third grade education in worldly things.  He had a masters in spiritual.  I am learning a lot and loving it.  Love you and hope all is well.
Elder Willden

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