Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey Ya'll!  I am doing well!  We finally got someone to Sacrament Meeting this week and I am stoked about it!  Anyways we had a good week.  We got in with Jon Loftin a few times.  He is starting to read the Book of Mormon and likes what it says so far.  We set a baptism date for him on the 13th of April.  I am so excited for him, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he likes the idea of life before we came to earth.  We have been working with Larry Yard and he finally understands authority.  And how we lost it when Christ left the Earth and that it was restored through a modern day prophet.  Anyways we also gave him a blessing on sunday because he got drunk saturday night and fell.  Anyways, Steve Leiper is still struggling with the girlfriend issue.  But, we have taught him all the lessons and wants to get baptized.  If we could just get him to church that would be fantastic.  Billy and Claire, are two of our new investigators.  They believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  They also have a money issue so they aren't married and they might lose their house today so they are going to go ask the bishop for funds tomorrow.  Anyways they showed up to church and I was so excited and they said they were coming back next week so ya I am pretty much stoked.  I also went on an Exchange this week with the zone leaders.  I was with Elder Hepworth.  It was awesome.  He knows the bible so well and I want to know it that way too so I am studying it more now.  While we were riding to dinner something really funny happened.  We were talking and somehow my front tire got stuck and I went up in the air slow motion and balanced for a second and totally ate pavement!  It was so funny.  Anyways,  We had a good week!  Love ya'll and hope ya'll are doing well!  I pray for you every day!.  Oh I almost forgot.  The bishop asked me to give a talk this week, but it didn't happen because we ran out of time so I will be giving a talk sometime in 3 weeks!
Love Ya'll.
Elder Willden

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