Monday, July 28, 2014

And now behold Elder Poteki and I had a long tribulation as we were out knocking upon all the doors of Channel View looking for the elect.  Behold many doors were slammed in our face and many men and women would look through their window and not answer the door.  But, we continued to press forward declaring his word from one end of Channel View to the other.  The spirit of truth was with us always as we went out into the field to harvest.  Now behold we were not able to sit down and teach a single soul unto repentance from all of our knocking. 
 Nevertheless we were able to set up many appointments for this week.  And we taught Andy and Jamie this week.  Behold they continue to press forward feasting upon the words of Christ with unshakable faith towards him.  And on the fifth day of the week Andy was Interviewed by President Drake and we will now continue on in achieving our goal of baptism, by getting the President of the church to approve him unto baptism and the reception of the Holy Spirit.  
Again on the same night of the interview, behold Andy said unto us, as he was sitting in his home he looked upon their picture of the Houston Temple and he said unto himself that he will make it there one day.  I testify that as they continue to Feast upon the words of Christ with unshakable faith in him, and as they attend church and obey the commandments which we have been given that they will get there one day!  
  Verily Verily I say unto thee that as Elder Poteki and I were out declaring the word of God upon the housetops we were able to see Jeremy yet again.  He had given himself to much prayer from the time we left him last Sunday.  Behold we did declare unto him the Restoration of the fullness of times.  As we recited the Joseph Smith story the spirit of peace entered into us and behold we were prompted by the Holy Ghost to have Jeremy bow himself before our maker and pour his heart out unto him and while so doing to ask God the Eternal Father if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if Christ's Church has been restored on the earth once again in these latter days.  As he began to pray behold the Spirit of the Lord began to fill the room, after he had poured out his heart he exclaimed three times, I feel good...  I feel really good.  Therefore after we had seen the readiness of his heart we then asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority.  He answered yes, directly after we invited him unto a date and he agreed.  
And Now Behold we will continue to teach unto him and help him to prepare to meet his maker.  
  Now this is the report.  Behold we continue to thrust in our sickle with all of our might and the Lord will bless these people of Channel View, Texas.  
  I hope you enjoyed my report in the Book of Mormon language.  Right now as a mission we are reading in the Book of Helaman.  I love the way that Helaman talks about the Lamanites in chapter 15 verse 5.  As he states that they do walk circumspectly before God.  Circumspectly means to act with Caution, Care, and Forethought.  As we act with all these things before God continually I know that our Father in Heaven will bless us!  I love y'all and hope that y'all have a fantastic week!  And Andy will hopefully be approved soon, President Drake will be calling Salt Lake to try and hurry up the process today.  Love Y'all!
Elder Willden

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