Monday, July 14, 2014

This week was MLC week and Zone Meeting week!  We were able to go to a meeting with all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders on Tuesday.  We talked a lot about how we could improve and we talked about teaching effectiveness.  We also talked about the faith of our mission.  Sister Drake gave a great talk on Countenance and how big of a deal our countenance is.  President Drake talked a lot about our teaching effectiveness and a few other things.  It was a great meeting.  After the meeting Elder Poteki and I decided that our Zone needed to go over Faith.  As we were Planning out zone meeting we decided to say a prayer.  After the prayer we came up with an idea of Picking one word for each letter in the word faith.  We came up with these words, Fasting, Attributes (standing for Christlike attributes), Inspiration, Testimony, and Help (meaning doing service all the time).  The Zone Meeting went great!  The missionaries came away inspired to go out and work harder and lift those people they are working with.  
  This week was also awesome because Jamie and Andy are doing great!  Jamie told us that she wants to be more involved in the church.  We told her about callings and how she should be receiving one soon.  They have an awesome Home Teacher who is going the extra mile to help them and the visiting teachers are doing the same!  So, the ward is doing a great job of taking care of them.  Jamie and Andy have also been reading a lot out of the Book of Mormon.  Jamie has a highlighter that she uses in case she doesn't understand something or she really likes a verse and has been just pumping through the Book of Mormon.  Their comprehension of the Book of Mormon just seems to improve daily.  I told them that after the mission I am going to have to bring y'all by to see them and they really liked the idea haha. 
  This week I was able to go on exchanges to Fall Creek again!  It was awesome as we were able to see Claudia since Jacob was gone for the day and we were also able to go see Bobby Harris.  He continues to read from the Book of Mormon and is doing well.  We also were able to go over and see Charles!  Charles is still on Parole, but he got it approved to come to church so he has been at church every week since then.  His only problem with getting baptized is he needs to move out of the current home he is in because it is his x wife's house.  He has been reading doctrine and covenants and all sorts of stuff now though!  He has progressed so much!  I am so glad that Elder Martinez and I were able to find him.  
  While I was in Fall Creek, Elder Poteki and the Elder He was with went and tried to see Joseph and were able to teach him!  Even though we haven't seen him in a while he has been continuing to read and pray and keep all of the commitments we have left him thus far.  He has a lot of potential and hopefully he will be baptized soon.  
  This week was a great week for Elder Poteki and I!  I Love serving the Lord!  Love Y'all!
Elder Willden

Back yard of a guy we tracted into

chick dil a after zone meeting

Sunburn in 100 degree Tx weather....they are calling me "red lobster"

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