Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We were able to have our weekly conference call with President Drake this morning.  It went really well.  President Drake seems to be a really kind and loving man.  Y'all are just staying busy!  That's good.  Elder Poteki and I have been working well together I will give you more details in the big email.  And as of now we have no idea what will be going on the 4th.  Last year they made us go in early, but we will see what President Drake has us do.  Jamie got baptized this week!  I will explain in the email to everyone.  Love Ya!
Elder Willden 

So... Jamie got baptized this Sunday!  It was awesome.  What happened was Elder Poteki and I felt inspired that Jamie needed to be baptized asap so that the family could have the spirit stronger in their home and so the ward could be able to form around them more.  On Tuesday we invited Jamie to be baptized on Sunday and she accepted.  We got everything ready and she was baptized.  It was an awesome experience to see her take yet another step of faith entering the waters of baptism.  Andy really wants to be baptized too.  We will continue to work with him and hopefully he will be approved for baptism. 
  We had an amazing miracle happen this past week.  But, I will tell you the miracle after I tell you about something Elder Poteki and I did.  One day we decided to set a goal for how many baptism's we wanted to have together.  As we thought about it we decided we wanted to have 6 baptism's.  We then made plans on how we would accomplish it.  After we made the plans we presented it to the Lord.  Ever since then we have been abiding by the things we have decided to do to the best of our abilities.  Now having that being said we have been having miracles a lot lately.  On Wednesday we were out proselyting and we met up with a member to go teach Emily Medina.  I am not sure if I have talked about her in my past emails so sorry if I haven't.  She lives in an apartment complex and she lives on the top floor.  As we were walking towards the steps we walked past an apartment and as we were passing it a man opened the door and jumped like he was really surprised.  We didn't think much of it and said, "How are you?" he replied and we went up the steps towards Emily's apartment.  We knocked on the door and as we were waiting that same guy walked up to us and asked if we could come teach him after we were done.  We told him that we sure would!  He told us his name is Darin and he walked back to his apartment.  We went in and taught Emily and after we stopped by the Darin's house.  He answered the door and told us that he couldn't let us in because that place was not his apartment.  He asked us where our church was and if we could meet with him there.  We set a time for later that night.  We went to the church at the appointed time and he was there.  We were able to teach him the Restoration and it was a very spiritual lesson.  He told us that he has just gotten out of jail that his car is up for repossession and he is getting kicked out of the place he is staying, when he walked outside and the first thing he saw was us he knew that it was a sign from God of something he needed.  Now we have taught him the Plan of Salvation and will be continuing to teach him.  
  Overall we had an awesome week.  Elder Poteki and I continue to work hard and have fun!  Sorry for not sending this until today we were kicked off the computers and not able to get back on, not for a bad reason we just ran out of time.  Love y'all!
Elder Willden

Houston temple Moroni

A lady at a street stand made a cool treat!

Jamie's baptism day

A member gave a gift card to red lobster!! Wow!

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