Monday, November 4, 2013

How y'all doin?  I am doing really well.  Elder Rush and I had a really good week!  At the start of the week it was really slow and on Wednesday night I got down on my knees and prayed and asked Heavenly Father why it was going so slow and why we're only able to have 2 lessons in the past two days?  And, I received the answer that His ways are not our ways and He was teaching me that I must always seek his guidance and always lean on him.  I accepted that and was humbled and the rest of the week went great.  Heavenly Father strengthened us and blessed us immensely.  
We were able to teach Hector again this week.  He is doing great we committed him to baptism and to a date and he stated that he feels confused, but feels like he has finally found the light.  We are excited to continue working with him.  
We also met with Gracia this week.  She is doing great, but she hasn't been keeping her commitments.  We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in Preach My Gospel in Chapter 3, Lesson 3.  She really liked it and committed to read at least one verse a night.  She is also working at a job where she has to work Sundays; so she isn't able to attend church.  We committed her to go and ask her boss to let her off on Sundays so that she can attend church.  She said that she would do it next week.  So, please pray for her as she does this.  
We have also now started teaching a young man named Austin Mansfield.  We were out riding our bikes one day and felt prompted to stop and play some basketball with some guys outside and afterward we got down Austin's information.  We stopped by and he was really excited to see us. We had a powerful lesson.  We are excited to continue working with him.  
We also got in with Deborah Gibson, if y'all remember her?  We haven't taught her in quite a while.  And, she has finished stem cell and she stated that she didn't have any problems while she was going through it and she recovered extremely quickly. She said she thinks it was because of our prayers for her.  We are really excited to continue teaching her. She is awesome.  
And thank y'all for your prayers for her because a miracle was performed.  Anyways, I am doing great and continue to pray for y'all every night.  I love y'all!
Elder Willden
PS. Kolton and Luke, those were awesome costumes haha.

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