Monday, March 4, 2013

Yes I got that stuff and the Gps is good!  But, the camera stuff isn't for my camera so I am going to ship it to ya'll.   I will just buy a card for the camera and start sending them in the mail for you.  And I can't print out emails, so I have to read them here.  Anyways this week wasn't our best week Teaching wise because we had to drive all the way to Houston on wednesday for new missionary training.  We tracted into a guy named Ray the second week I was  here and have been trying to get back in with him ever since.  He is the guy that was playing World of Warcraft and watching Ben 10.  Anyways, he finally let us in on saturday and he isn't as crazy as we thought.  He moved down here when his mom started having problems and then she passed away and he is disabled so he isn't able to work.  And he hates it here because he lives in the ghetto with all the druggies and he can't move because he can't work to earn the money to move.  We will be meeting with him this wednesday.  Anyways Larry Yard is the funniest guy and Jokes around with us a lot, but he is progressing while we read the book of mormon with him 4 times a week.  This week I also went on a exchange with Elder Leiva.  He is from Chile and hates it when I call him a mexican!  Haha.  Anyways we taught a lot of people and I loved working with him.  I am loving it out here!  It got really cold on saturday and I had to wear my coat all day!  But, I think it is supposed to start warming up soon.  I have gained 13 pounds since I went into the mtc.  I am going to be a fatty when I come home!  haha jk.  My companion has been called to be a district leader this transfer so I will get to go on a lot of exchanges.  I love this work and wouldn't trade anything for it.  Tell Kolton and Luke to start preparing now.  Read over the Lessons in preach my gospel and get to know them they will help them for when they leave to go on a mission.  Tell Bailee and Corie to do that also if they plan on going on a mission.
Love Ya'll and hope ya'll are doing well.
Elder Willden
ps. try boudin it is really good!

 Hour of Power is every thursday night at 6:00 we go to a members house and they pray that we or some other companionship will find someone to teach in the next Hour while tracting.  The General Authorities also pray for the missionaries at this time in the temple.
  And for nasa.  We went to the head quarters in Houston.  It was way cool.
  And yes I am working hard and having lots of fun!  Love you!
Elder Willden

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