Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey Ya'll.  Hope ya'll are doing well!  This week has been an okay week missionary work wise.  We have been working hard, but nobody seems to want to keep commitments or make them.  That's alright though.  Steve Leiper gave us a call Friday night and said that his girlfriend whom is pregnant with his baby is breaking up with him and moving out Saturday.  Even though he was dissappointed and we felt bad for him, but we're happy because now he can progress!  But, she decided Saturday morning that she didn't want to leave, and we went to Steve's and talked for a while and he said that he is probably going to break up with her next week and have her move in with her mother because, she isn't the type of girl that he wants to be with forever.  Anyways we are excited because he told us he would come to our church next week because he will be busy this sunday.  Anyways we have been working with Larry Yard and he doesn't necessarily like the word of wisdom, haha, anyways he told us that in the bible noah smokes a pipe.  Anyways we will continue to read the Book of Mormon with him and I believe that he will gain a testimony. 
So about a month ago we were tracting and we ran into a guy named Greg Thomas.  He told us he had heard some stuff about our church and didn't like it and tried to shut the door, but I kept talking to him and finally convinced him to let us come back.  Well we finally got back in with him and he totally opened up with us and we shared the restoration and he is so excited about the Book of Mormon.  We are trying to get back in with him, but he is hard to catch.  Anyways, so one day after we visited Larry Yard my companion decided to go No hands and No feet on his bike, he did it for a second and I was making fun of how dumb it looked and he decided to do it again.  Well this time he wasn't so lucky, he totally ate the asphalt! I was laughing so hard and some girls saw him do it and they were yelling "Are you okay?"  He was so embarrassed!  And he wripped his favorite pants!  Haha it was so funny.  And earlier that day we were at the Moores (the lady who emailed ya'll when I first got to vidor) and they have a doberman who's name is Rambo.  And Elder Ynchausti was playing with him and got him all crazy and ran away from him.  Well of course he chased him and jumped up bit his shirt and wripped it.  Anyways that was my funny story of the week.  And mom don't worry about my health, I do my push ups every night and eat a bannana in the morning!  haha.  I love ya'll and hope ya'll had a good week.  Keep writing me letters I will do my best to.  I can only write letters on P-day so have patience with me.  Love ya'll and I will continue to work hard and pray for ya.  And if ya'll see tayson ask him when he is starting his papers for me!
I am doing well!  We did a service this week helping an older member of our ward put up a fence.  It was a pain, but I learned a lot.  Kolton will do well he is a hard worker.  Tell luke to be a man!  haha jk tell him I hope he is feeling better.  I am just working hard and doing my best to bring others unto christ and recieve his gospel.  I have been reading Jesus the Christ.  That book is amazing.  Anyways tell kolton to get to know the How to Begin Teaching bullet points.  We use those a lot.  I was reading in Enos today and he talks about how if we ask for something with faith in Jesus Christ that we will recieve it.  I have recieved a strong testimony of that throughout my mission so far.  I love you.  And hope that work is going well.  Tell everyone else I love them also.
Elder Willden

And our address is actually 173 black hetzel ln.  But just use that one for packages.  Use 175 Black Heltzel ln. for mail because it is just the house behind us that no one lives in and it is easier to get mail there.

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