Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Ya'll!  So, we had a great week this week.  We got 7 member present lessons!  Which is really good FYI.  So, on monday we had family home evening with some members whom are getting their daughter ready for baptism.  It was so funny they have little kids and they were jumping off the walls!  Anyways we also met with Steve Leiper a few times this week.  He is now living the word of wisdom and the 10 commandments, but he can't be baptized because he is living with his pregnant girlfriend and can't marry her because he isn't divorced.  Anyways he also told us he was coming to church and never showed up so that was disappointing.  So, I went on two exchanges this week one was on wednesday because Elder Ynchausti had to go to leadership training.  I was with Elder Taylor and Carlton.  They were way slow on their bikes.  Haha.  Anyways then my next exchange was thursday with Elder Memea.  We had a great day.  We had four lessons.  And I was leading the exchange in so that was fun.  We just continue to press forward working hard.  Elder Ynchausti falls asleep a lot in personal study.  And so when we started companion study he asked me what hymn to sing and I said, "Number 8"(Awake and Arise)  It was so funny.  Anyways we also reactivated a lady in our ward named Marsha Wilcox whom when I first got here was way depressed and wouldn't go to church.  She is really happy now!  We continue to work with Larry Yard, but he just isn't willing to come to church.  Please pray for Larry to help him understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and church.  On Wednesday we also went and gave a blessing to a man going through Chemo Therapy.  I got to seal the anointing.  It was amazing.  Heavenly Father promised this man that if he would strive to learn more of his word through the Book of Mormon and other materials that he would be fully healed.  The spirit was really strong and he was crying.  I LOVE THIS work I LOVE the gospel and the happiness it brings!  Oh and by the way my district is doing the best in the zone right now!  LOVE ya'll!
Elder Willden

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