Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It is cold enough in the morning for hot chocolate sometimes, you never really know this time of year.  I am doing great we were getting low on finding people and somehow last week we managed to find 3 new investigators.  That was awesome.  Anyways I am doing great.  This transfer is over next week.  But, I am still being trained so I will stay here until the next transfer.  Tell Kolton I said good job.  Love ya.
Elder Willden

Okay so I am doing great we got to go to Nasa on monday so I wasn't able to Email ya'll.  Sorry.  Hope ya'll are doing well.  Tell Jaxon to suck it up.  Haha Jk I feel bad for him. Anyways...
We went over to Larry Yard's he is the funniest old guy.  After we went over to the Baldwins.  We then went to lunch and emailed.  After we tried a guy named Greg Thomas who we contacted, but he wasn't home so we went to a lady by the name of Brandy Hardy.  And we went tracting for a while and went to dinner at the Allred's.  After we went to the Zambrano's to try to get to know their less active son named Yotsin.
We had Zone Conference.  It was good.  We had gumbo after so it was all worth it.  Then we went and tried a bunch of people that either weren't home or they couldn't talk with us because they were busy.  We then went to dinner with the Johnson's.  It was all food that I would never touch at home.  Sweet Potatoes and Stir Fry.  Enough said.  After we went over to an investigator's house named Steven Narramore.  Who then told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and was told that it wasn't true.  I don't see how that worked, anyways.  After we went and tried a few people but no one was able to talk.
We had weekly planning, ate, and tried to meet with Chivon and Lawrence.  They had some sick kids so we went over and tried Larry Yard and he wasn't home.  So we tracted for a while and tried some people.  We eventually went to the Baldwin's and after we had dinner.  Then we did Hour of Power.  We ran into a 19 year old girl who looked like she was 16.  And I asked if her parents were home.  She told me that this was her home and that the kid by her was hers.  My face was beet red.  Haha, but she wanted us to come back so we will be seeing her in a few weeks.  Then we went to the Holland's and the boys were going crazy like usual.
We got a call and were notified that we would be getting a mini missionary tonight that would stay with us until sunday.  So we got everything ready and left.  We went over to Larry Yard's again he just keeps progressing with understanding the Book of Mormon.  Then we went to Beaumont to fix our car which had been broken since I was here.  Then we had lunch and tried a few people and tracted.  Then we went to dinner and tracted some more.  We found 2 people and taught them and got a return appointment so that was fun.  Then we went and tried a few people.  When we got home we met our mini missionary his name was Isaac.
I pretty much was Isaac's babysitter.  I had to clean up his food and his dishes.  Wasn't too happy about that.  Anyways we went to Larry Yard's.  And tried a guy named Donald King.  He wasn't home and my companion's bike wasn't working right so we all stopped while he tried to fix it.  And a lady comes up and offers help and we say no it's fine.  And I start talking to her about our church.  I then proceeded to teach her the entire Restoration.  And while I was reciting the Joseph Smith thing the spirit was so strong.  After she was so excited and asked us if we would come teach her more so we will.  After that we went and visited some more less actives and tracted.
We went out and tried some less actives and went to church and our mini missionary left.  We then went and had dinner and visited a less active named sis. Wilcox and went over to Bro. Long's and he gave us a chiropractic treatment.  It was awesome!
We went to Nasa it was so cool!  Then we went over to a less actives house named the Browns.

Sorry I had to rush.  Love ya'll! 
Elder Willden

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