Monday, February 4, 2013

More of First Week

I have been working hard.  It's awesome when you see people grow and understand the gospel and its disappointing when people don't hold to their commitments.  The people out here are really nice.  My companion is awesome.  I will tell you about this guy named Steve Leiper.  They have been teaching him for a week and we haven't gotten to teach him yet because he is so busy, but he is so excited about the church.  We went over to his house on fast sunday and he was so excited to see us, but was too busy studying.  And said he wished we had showed up saturday.  Then they offered us Crawfish and we couldn't have it cause we were fasting.  Oh well.  I tried to cook eggs on saturday and it didn't work out so great haha.  They looked bad, but tasted fine haha.  We ride our bikes a lot and I get a sore butt quite often.  There are more baptist churches out here than you can count and everyone loves Jesus Christ and the Bible.  So we have to show them that the book of mormon is just another testiment of Jesus Christ.
Ya we have a fridge.  But since this is a new living space they still need to get us a stove and a washer and dryer.  I have only been with my companion for 5 days.  I don't know him too well yet.  He is funny though and loves candy.  We don't get to knock on doors to often, but when we do I get so excited.  I love knocking on doors even though most missionaries hate it.  We do a lot of reactivations and referals.  But, I forgot to tell Ya'll about LARRY YARD.  This man is 66 and looks like he is 100.  He has a bad smoking problem but is very religious.  He is baptist of course but we have been teaching him and he loves it when we come over.  He is just having a hard time with Joseph Smith and thinking he could be a false prophet.  But anyways the first time I walked into his house I about passed out because the smell of smoke was so bad.  Then I look over at him and he is about my height and is super skinny.  He can be postive at some moments but most of the time he is always saying how awful girls can be and cussin.  But, when we are teaching him he seems to be happy.  LOVE YA'LL
Elder Willden

So I totally love Vidor.  The people are awesome!  They think I am an allstar at sports haha.  I had the chance on tuesday night when I first got to Vidor to meet Shivon and Larwence.  They live in a trailor, they are baptist, and they wanted to know more about our church.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and I bore my testimony.  Larwence started crying and said I know what you are saying is true.  And they want to learn more!  It's hard out here, but I love it.  Elder Ynchausti's family lives in center ville, Utah.  Its funny how both my companions names have been hard to pronounce haha.  He has been out for 6 months and he is 24.  He is a great guy!  The bike is great by the way.  Tell the Thurman's thank you for me.  Everyone out here is nice for the most part.  And it's crazy what some of the people live in with such big families.  I love Ya'll! 
Elder Willden
ps. Ya'll is the best word ever.

If you don't say ya'll out here you get made fun of, or you get weird looks so it is now in my vocabulary.

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