Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey guys I have been working super hard this past week!  Hope ya'll are doing well.
We had p-day.  We played orangeball (dumbest volleyball game in the world) and cleaned and etc...  We then had dinner with the Callahans, they are a couple in our ward.  They are awesome and really outgoing.  Then we went around and visited some less actives.
We did our regular study in the morning.  We then had lunch and after did  After we went and tried a few places, but no one was home.  Then we went and visited sister wilcox and after we had dinner with a family in our ward, the Chandlers.  And after we went over to Steve Leipers house.  He is really excited about our church.  We talked about angel's and how as he has come closer to Heavenly Father he feels that he has more trials, but they always come out with a benifet.  We told him about blessings and asked me to give him one.  It was awesome.  You'll get more details in the letter I am sending today.
We went on exchanges.  I was with Elder Walser one of my zone leaders.  It was a hard day.  It was raining and no one was home.  And at dinner it was with a less active family.  We had Gumbo!  It was so good.  Then we tried to commit them to come to church and they told us someone offended them so they aren't ready yet.  And we started asking about it.  They said someone did something to them 30 years ago and they aren't ready.  It was awkward. 
We did a lot of tracting.  No one was home so we went around tracting.  While we were tracting we went up to this small trailer and knocked on the door.  Someone yelled come on in.  I opened the door and it was a 40-50 year old man watching Ben 10 while playing World of War Craft.  It took all of my might to not laugh.  But, he invited us back so we will be seeing him again.  We also had a baptism.  Aubrey Arnold.  That was fun.
We had zone meeting in orange.  It was about a 30-40 min. drive.  Then we had lunch and drove back and met with the baldwins.  They are less actives and the biggest hicks ya'll could ever imagine, with teeth missin.  Then we had dinner with a lady in our ward Sister Emerson it was gumbo!  After we went to Larry Yards.  Is is a veteran.  He hates women.  And is very vulger, but he is improving every time we see him so thats a plus.  We just go over and read the book of mormon with him so he can gain a testimony then we will teach him the lessons.
We got to meet with Larry Yard again and he was way different.  He did his reading assignment and understood what he read.  Then we tried a bunch of people.  Then after dinner we went to the Zambranos.  They are awesome.  They have one less active boy.  But, they are so fun.  The have an 9 year old son and he is crazy.  It was fun talking to them and trying to teach their less active son.
We went around inviting people to church.  And the Leipers came!  Our church starts at 2:30 and ends at 5:30.  Then we had dinner at the Healys.  They are a fun family.  They have lots of family in Utah FYI.  Then after we went over to Steve Leipers house and taught him.  In Steve's lesson I got to recite Joseph Smith-History 10-17 without the part about satan.  Then we went to the Zambranos and helped Bro. Zambrano give blessings to his children.
I Love Ya'll and love everything about missionary work.  I love the people.  Its way fun.  Elder Ynchausti is a good missionary.  He works hard and we work well together.  Hope ya'll are doing well!  LOVE,
Elder Willden

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