Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How ya'll doin?  I wasn't able to email yesterday because it was a holiday.  Anyways this week was a good week Elder Ynchausti and I have some good investigators.  And some that when you show up half the time they aren't even there!  That's always fun.
We went around trying people, but no one was home.  So, It wasn't the funnest night.
We met with Larry Yard.  He is a crazy old guy haha.  Anyways after we went we went around trying some people we had tracted into and etc...  But, no one was home.  And after dinner we went over to some less actives and we got into the Hollands home.  Sis. Holland is divorced and raising 4 boys.  They are so funny and they have a ton of energy.  And after we went on an exchange so I went to Elder Taylor's apartment.
So the apartment I stayed in is Elder Taylor's apartment which is owned by this guy in our stake named Pres. Ross. He is a member of the stake presidency.  Pres. Ross came into our apartment singing with 2 cups of hot chocolate at 6:00 am.  It was so weird.  Anyways he made us get up and get ready.  He handed us the cup of hot chocolate and took us outside and we went on a walk.  That was the weirdest experience of my life!  Haha.  Anyways afterwards me and Elder Taylor did study and stuff.  Then we went out, and Elder Taylor didn't really plan anything so it was the longest day.  We went around trying people and only taught one lesson.  Then after that experience was over I got to go back to my area thank goodness... haha.  
Today we did some service!  We went to a less actives house named the Baldwins.  And took the remains of a burn pile (they pile up all their trash and burn it(its a texas thing)) and moved it to the far end of the yard where the rest of the burn piles went!  It was gross, but way fun!  And, they moved a trailor with a Back Hoe!  I have pictures, but we are at the library and they don't let us send pictures here so bare with me until next week.  And after we sat down and talked.  Bro. Baldwin was raised in the Hells Angels.  They were crazy.  And said he had seen more killings in his life than we could imagine.  He also told us about how Vidor was the home of the KKK.  And showed us the main office where they used to operate.  Then we went to Steve Leiper's and I committed him to baptism!  He has some Law of Chastity Problems, but we are trying to work them out.  Anyways then we went tracting and I was prompted to go down this street and told to knock on this certain door and it was a Jehovah's Witness.  He invited us in and we taught him.  He wouldn't take a Book of Mormon, but we committed him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if what we are saying is true.  Then we went to the Hollands again.  And she showed us the gun she just bought.  I was scared out of my mind cause she didn't know how to handle it and she was showing us how it worked and she cocked it and didn't know how to release it and had to fire it in her back yard!  Haha.  
We saw Larry Yard again.  Just reading the Book of Mormon.  Then we went and tried a guy we tracted into and he didn't answer.  And there was a dirt pile and my companion rode over it and I said, "Well that was dumb you didn't even get air"  Jokingly.  And he went flying at it and jumped and totally nailed his manly parts.  I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny.  Then we tried a few more people and went to dinner at the Naylor's.  This family is by far my favorite.  Because the food was good we shared a lesson and then they let us use their massage chair.  That was amazing!
Larry Yard as usual just reading the Book of Mormon.  We ran by Steve Leiper's to see how he was doing and he was doing well.  Then we went to the Zambrano's for their less active son's birthday for dinner.  It was the weirdest mexican food.  I choked it down haha.  I had heard that all of sis. Zambrano's food was good except for one and I was lucky enough to get that one.
We had stake conference and it was really good.  Pres. Scott talked about respecting girls.  After stake conference we taught Steve Leiper.  Its hard because he is living with his girlfriend, his divorce papers aren't through yet, and his girlfriend is pregnant.  He really wants to get baptized and is willing to make changes, but this is a sticky mess.  Anyways after we went tracting and contacted some refferals.  And had dinner at the Simpson's, it was way good.  Then, we went to a Recent Convert's house (Bonnie) and had a member lesson.  
We taught a lesson at noon because it was the only time that these people could do it.  It was Billy and Claire.  I recited Joseph Smiths experience and after they told us how they felt during it and that they know what we are saying is true.  Then we finished P-day.  And went to Sis. Wilcox's home and committed her to reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon every day.  We are trying to get her to come back to church, but she is really hard.

Anyways I love ya'll and hope ya'll are doing well.  I am loving it out here.  Time is starting to fly.  And mom thank you for that talk it was amazing!  Everyone should read that.  Elder Ynchausti is a good guy.  He is a little layed back, but works hard.  Haha I am like an energizer bunny out here.  GO GO GO.  Anyways love ya'll.
Elder Willden

(This next email was a response to Michael (dad) telling Chase about some of the new methods for teaching Sunday School and telling him about Kolton's school team basketball tournament:  

Ya in the MTC they teach us how to teach all those things you talked about.  The spirit is crucial.  Anyways tell Kolton good job for me.  And, tell Bro. Rios thank you.  And, that he was a big help in preparing me for my mission!  And, Gumbo can be made a variety of ways.  I haven't had it with crawfish or tomatoe sauce,  but it is way good with like deer meat and rice and all sorts of other stuff.  I also had Boudin this week it is amazing!
Love ya,
Elder Willden

(Boudin is a sausage we laugh about on the TV show Duck Dynasty which is about a family in Louisiana)

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