Monday, January 27, 2014

Elder Huff and I had a wonderful week this week.  Bunny got baptized!  It was the most spiritual of baptisms I have ever attended.  He came to the church an hour and a half before so that he could pray.  At one point we were looking for him, so that we could get him to change and we walked into a room and he was bawling and praying out loud.  It was so powerful.  We of course turned around and walked out and waited for him to finish.  When he and I got down into the font and got ready, he said wait I want to pray and right before I baptized him and in front of everyone, he said a powerful prayer in Telugu.  Afterward I baptized him.  This man has changed my whole perspective on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Often times we take advantage, or at least I take advantage, of the fact that we get to live with and always have these wonderful restored truths.  I will never ever take advantage of that ever again.  Then, on Sunday he was Confirmed, and he was just about the happiest man on earth.  After he was confirmed and during the sacrament he opened up his Book of Mormon and showed me something he had written down on the blank page at the beginning of the Book of Mormon.  He wrote 01-25-14 Mosiah 2:41.  I looked it up.  After I had read it he told me that the day of his baptism he was praying and he opened up the Book of Mormon and that was the scripture God gave to him.  After church later that day we went over to his home to share a message with him.  All he could talk about was how good he felt and how he wants his family so badly to partake of this fruit.  So, we guided him to and he was able to request the missionaries over to his home to give them a Book of Mormon.  He also told us that all of India needs the Book of Mormon and that when he goes back he is going to do missionary work.  I know that he will be a powerful witness of the truth in India. 
  We also were able to teach Betty Forman this week.  We had a very good lesson with her and she committed to come to church.  We were at the church waiting for her to show up and we got a text from her telling us that she is in the Emergency Room and in a lot of pain and apologizing for not being able to make it.  We texted her back offering her a Priesthood Blessing and she accepted.  After church and when she got home we went over and gave her a blessing.  She is so amazing.  I am excited to see the great member she will be.  We also have a date with her for Feb. 22nd, so I will keep y'all updated on that. 
  Overall I am doing great.  I am enjoying the great spirit that comes when there is a baptism.  I absolutely love this work!  I love y'all!
Elder Willden

Bunny's baptism

holding a very large snake

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