Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!  This week was a really good week.  On Saturday we went on exchanges, and I was in Lumberton with Elder McCown.  And as you can see in the pictures, we taught a guy that really loves animals.  It was fun messing with that turkey whose name is Phil.  It was named after Duck Dynasty.  Phil was afraid of us so we could just throw him around.  It was so funny.  
We also were able to teach Bunny frequently throughout the week this week.  He came to church and that went well.  Then, we got a text from him telling us that he just got fired from his job during the day.  It doesn't help either that he will be illegal on the 23rd.  We are working on trying to extend his visa and get him a job.  We would ask for all-y'alls prayers in this time of crisis.  We know that God has a plan though and if it is part of God's plan for him to go home to India, then so be it. 
  I was also able to go to a leadership meeting in Baytown this past week.  And that was quite the experience.  President Crawford talked a lot about communication and how to effectively communicate with our missionaries.  He also told us that we are not going to have the I-pads at this time.  So, I am not sure if we will have I-pads in my time either. 
  We were also able to teach one of our investigators named Betty this week.  Last time we taught her was about a week and a half ago.  It was an awesome lesson. We taught her about Joseph Smith and the Restored Gospel.  It was an amazing experience.  She also commited to be baptized on the 15th of Feb.  I am pretty sure she will be our next baptism.  She felt the spirit so strong though and is very spiritually inclined.  She also told us that she had a bad experience in her last church.  They stood her up and yelled at her and told her that she was a sinner and that her father was a sinner and that they were going to hell.  We were able to explain that that never happens in our church and never will happen.  We will be seeing her at church this Sunday, so we are excited about that.
  One last experience of the week.  Kolton I wrote this in your letter for this week, so sorry.  But, on Saturday we stopped to talk to this lady on the side of the street and she just started talking about God and wouldn't even give us the chance to say ya.  And, at one point she just started talking in Jibberish.  We couldn't understand a word she was saying.  Then, afterwards she threw her hands in the air and stated, "Look I am filled with the Holy Ghost."  And, then kept on.  It was an interesting experience and made me so grateful to be a part of this restored church and to know that God is a God of understanding, not a God of confusion.
  Anyway, I love y'all and hope that y'all have a great week this week.  I love my mission and am loving the work!
Elder Willden

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