Monday, September 23, 2013

Well, I got another companion on Wednesday. His name is Elder Rush.  So we worked together all last week and Elder Martinez is heading out for surgery today.  Elder Rush is a visa waiter.  He will be going to Angola, Africa once he gets his visa.

How are ya'll doing?  I am doing terrific.  This week like I said I got Elder Rush.  So, I have been double training this week.  Finishing up one and starting the other.  I know that the Lord is helping me because I have never been this tired in my life! 
 Anyways, I was dissapointed that Rodrick decided not to get baptized yet, but am excited to keep working with him.  The plan was for Elder Martinez to baptize Natalie and for me to baptize Rodrick so once Rodrick is ready, I will be the one dunkin him!  haha.  They really loved the gift ya'll sent them!  Thank you so much for putting that together so quick.  It was awesome! 
  Jacob Davila is going to be getting baptized this week and I will be the one performing it.  He is awesome and I am glad that I got to work with him.  He has come so far so quick, it is awesome to witness the gospel change people! 
  Anyways, Elder Martinez will be going in for surgery tomorrow.  He is a great Elder and I pray that everything will go well. 
  I was reading in Moroni this morning in chapter 7 verse 48.  It tells us that those who have the gift of charity are true followers of Christ and when they see God they will look like him.  I find that really profound and seek to have charity everyday.  I am not very good at it, but am getting better every day.  I love ya'll and hope ya'll have a terrific week!  
Love my mission!  Love the work!

Elder Willden
John 8

Elders Rush, Willden and Martinez


Natalie's Baptism

Note from Elder Willden's mom:
I am missing my boy a little more than usual today!  These pictures bring joy and tears.  I feel there are no words to express the depth of this work in serving God's children throughout the world.  I love this work!  So happy to have a son engaged in it even though I miss him so much that it hurts some days.  Could not be happier for what he is doing and learning.  I feel love for those he loves and I do not know them.  Any work that evokes these kinds of feelings is God's work.  

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