Monday, August 25, 2014

All I have to say is wow Luke!  Keep it up!  He looks like a pro out there.  And, Kolton you are really tall.  haha.  This week was a great week!  We had an awesome miracle and it was amazing to be able to meet Elder Cook and shake his hand.  As of right now though we still don't have any information on Andy.  We will find out this week though that is for sure.  Andy had a slip back though last week.  He started going back to his old ways a little bit.  Nothing extremely bad, but just not doing the basic things he should and it was obvious.  We invited his home teacher who Andy really looks up to, to come over and have a lesson with us on thursday night.  We weren't sure what we needed to go over to help him so we just dived into it.  As we were sitting having small talk just before the lesson, we received a prompting to go over Captain Moroni.  We then opened up to Alma 46 and read the whole chapter which is on the Title Of Liberty.  It was a great lesson as we were able to relate it to them and how we need to always stand next to our standards and never lower them.  After the lesson Elder Poteki and I had to leave, but the home teacher stayed and talked to them for a while.  It had a huge affect on Andy.  When we saw Andy that following Saturday he had turned a whole 180.  It was a testimony to me that God will use his children on earth to minister and to help others change for the better.  
  When we were with Elder Cook this Saturday he talked about 4 things that we need to have.  Love our companion, Love the people, Love the Mission President, and Love the Lord.  It was very powerful and helped me understand a little more on why Charity is the most important Christlike attribute.  He also talked about Preach My Gospel and how heavily involved he was in bringing it forth.  He told us that one of his responsibilities, along with others, was to make sure that Chapter 3 had every single teaching that has ever been taught.  He talked about the importance of Preach My Gospel and how it was brought forth through inspiration.  After he had finished talking to us he left us with an Apostalic blessing.  He blessed us that as we serve our mission it will not only bless our investigators, but our family and all of those that we will come in contact with in the future, He said, "Everyone that we Love".  Then, he blessed us that we would be able to overcome our own spiritual and physical struggles, feelings of incapability and etc...  He also told us of a story when he was called into President Hinckley's office to be called as an Apostle.  He told us that as President Hinckley extended the call he felt that he was incapable of fulfilling this call.  He said that President Hinckley assured him that he was.  He also told us that he later found out that all of the apostles when they were called had these feelings.  I know that he was an apostle of the Lord and the spirit was strong as I was able to just shake his hand and look into his pure eyes just for a brief moment.
  Alright now for the miracle.  On monday last week we received a text from the church headquarters referring us to go and see a man named Ken Jones.  On Tuesday Elder Poteki was on exchanges with another Elder As I was with that Elder's companion.  We went by to try this Ken Jones.  As we knocked on the door he answered and said, "I have been waiting for you, one moment."  He put away his dogs and invited us in.  He told us that his Kung Fu Master is a Mormon and that he will be coming down to move in with him on September 6th.  He explained that this friend had invited him to listen to our message and to find out if it was true.  He had already done some research and we answered questions for most of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he said that he would once his friend comes down so that he can baptize him.  We went back the next day and he had already read to Jacob in the Book of Mormon and we briefly went over the Restoration and why Priesthood Authority is important as he had already read all of the information on that.  It was the craziest thing ever!  He has asked us for a quad so he can read Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.  The Lord is preparing people I can tell y'all that.  Thank you for the prayers as I have felt that y'all's prayers provided this miracle.
  Overall all is well here in Summerwood!  Elder Poteki is getting ready to go home as he will be leaving next week.  I am not sure when or where his homecoming will be, but I will let y'all know so that y'all can go if you want to.  I love the spirit and the converting power it has.  And, I love serving the Lord.  I have benefited so much from my mission so far and I still have more to learn and I will always be eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission.  I love y'all sooooo much and hope y'all have a great week!
Elder Willden

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