Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today the internet was down and I have about 20 minutes to type y'all up something, so have patience.  I will have a better report next week!  This week was awesome!  We started teaching a guy for the singles ward named Joseph.  He had been taught by missionaries before, but he felt like they weren't down to earth, they were just pushing the Book of Mormon at him instead of helping him understand it.  We taught him all about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel.  It was an Awesome lesson!  The spirit was really strong.  He was excited to start reading in the Book of Mormon and he was really excited to come to church too.  He had work this week though so we are planning on having him at church this week.  
  Well Elder Hoyt and Elder Davis are going home...  It is sad to see Elder Davis leave, but y'all will have fun with him!  We are still teaching Jamie and Andy and they are doing fantastic!  Andy got a promotion and will be getting more money so they can be more stable, but he had to work this sunday so he had to miss church.  He won't have to work any other sundays though, so that is good!  Jamie and the kids came to church and I sat in between their 7 year old son and their 6 year old girl and had them drawing pictures the whole time!  Kids are so hyper active in church!  But, Jamie loved church.  It was all about missionary work and it was ward conference for us.  Jamie and Andy are progressing so much.  Every time we go over to their home they are full of questions from the Book of Mormon.  They read daily and are soaking it all up.  You could definitely say that the spirit has touched them.  
  I am excited to find out who my new companion is and will let y'all know next week!  I love y'all and hope all is going well out in the island of Pleasant View, Utah.
Elder Willden
Mosiah 18

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