Monday, June 16, 2014

I now have a new companion named Elder Poteki.  He is about 6'6" 350 pounds.  He is huge!  He is from Tonga.  His parents are really good friends with Kurtis Taufa's parents.  He has a heart the size of his body though.  He would give anything to anyone if they needed it.  We are continuing to work with Jamie and Andy.  They are doing good.  They weren't able to make it to church this week because their tire was so run down it is about to burst and they didn't want to risk taking their kids in it and they don't have any money to fix it.  Trials continue to come their way but they continue to push through them with faith in Jesus Christ.  As we have been working with them it has really made me check myself to see how grateful I am for all that I have.  We are so greatly blessed.  My problems are so simple and easily fixed whereas there are those who's problems are so great that they almost seem too great to handle.  But, I know that Heavenly Father does help his children, nothing is too great or too big for God.  
  As Elder Poteki and I were out tracting this week we were able to run into a man who has an older family.  We were able to sit down with him and share the message of the Restoration.  His name was David.  He was so actively engaged as we spoke of Prophets and how God had once again reached out his hand and called another Prophet here on the earth today.  It was amazing!  We shared one of my favorite scriptures for the Restoration in Acts 3:18-21 or so.  It is the Prophet Peter speaking.  I love how he says that Jesus Christ will ascend into Heaven until the times of Restitution of all things!  And, then he speaks of a Prophet being called.  As we shared this scripture he was in awe.  It was a wonderful lesson and we are excited to go back and share more.  
  We also had Stake Conference this week.  It was all about Hastening the Work!  It was awesome!  I love it when we talk about the work of salvation because that is what we missionaries do all day!  It was President and Sister Crawford's last Stake Conference and they did a wonderful job in the talks they gave.  It is so crazy that their time is already over.  It blows my mind.  I am going to miss them and all they have done for me!  Like I have said before though.  It will be a good experience to meet the Drake's and get to learn from them as well. 
  I love all y'all and hope y'all have a wonderful week!  Elder Poteki and I will be attending the Temple this week so we will have some pictures for y'all next week!
Elder Willden

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