Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 This week was a great week for me and Elder Davis.  We were able to go to the Temple for one of Elder Davis's converts who is going on a mission and on Saturday were able to go to a baptism in my last area as y'all know.  It was an amazing experience to go back and witness these wonderful people take steps in their lives to coming closer to our Heavenly Father.  My mission has blessed me so much already to be able to witness this so many times and the fact that I will continue to witness it.
  We will be having a baptism this week with a kid named Hunter Pentecost.  He is 17 and his whole family is inactive, but he loves church.  He told our ward mission leader that he has seen angels at church, he is a very spiritual kid.  We are really excited for him.  He is funny though because he plays the game Magic and is way into it.  He is a very big boy also.  He is probably 2 of me.  He is awesome though and we are way excited for his baptism. 
  Elder Davis and I just continue to work hard and have fun.  He is such a good companion.  Communication means everything when it comes to any relationship.  I have definitely noticed that being with him.  Because whenever we have a problem, we talk about it then and there; and we resolve our problems quickly.  I am learning so much from him.  He said that he is going to come visit y'all when he gets home.  I told him that mom cooks really good and that he can expect an awesome meal if he does!  haha.  Anyways, I have been doing great.  We work hard and crash at night.  I know that as we continue to work hard that the Lord will bless us.
  I was able to read 2 Nephi 3 today and there is an awesome scripture in it.  Verse 12 talks about the two different books the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  It tells us that they will grow together and that they will confound false doctrines and establish peace and etc...  That is so true now today.  As we use the Bible and the Book of Mormon hand in hand, we are able to learn the truths that our father in Heaven would have us learn and we can know that they are true.  I love y'all and hope y'all have an awesome week!
Elder Willden

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