Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vidor, Texas

Hello Sister Willden!

Your sweet son has arrived and it was our pleasure to meet him today. I expect you have (or will) receive an email from our wonderful mission president & his wife but an extra picture rarely hurts. Elder Willden is serving in the Williamson II Ward and has a fantastic trainer! Elder Ynchausti is sincerely one of my favorite missionaries. He is incredibly kind, generous and humble and I can see how well matched your son is in this companionship.
Sadly, they are not serving in our ward (Williamson III) but my boys picked them up in Houston today and we had the opportunity to visit with them for a few minutes. Vidor is a wonderful place to serve in my humblest opinion and we all know that Texans have humble opinions! haha There are four wards here and the people are very friendly.
If there is anything we can do to be of assistance please let us know. We really are so excited to have these missionaries and know they are serving here at great sacrifice. Thank your for sending your son and raising such a wonderful young man that WANTS to be here.

All my love,
Melissa Moore

lissa Moore

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