Friday, January 25, 2013

January 18, 3013
I forgot my camera to the Laundry room!  sorry your gonna have to wait one more week!  Love you guys and hope your doing well!  I have been working hard and learning much.  Always pray, prayer is so essential.  That is how we can build our relationship with Heavenly Father.  That is literally how you receive revelation.  I hope you guys will write me!  Especially since I found the time to write all of my brothers and sisters!  I want to hear from ya!  Love you.

Elder Willden

Well tell Bailee to feel better.  I don't know if I told you yet, but I gave a blessing to sister Foxcroft in my district because she is really sick.  It was amazing.  This gospel is true.  I have been working really hard and it feels good knowing that.  The spirit is a very powerful tool in our lives!  We need to take advantage of it.  I didn't always recognize how the spirit works, but now I use the spirit constantly guiding me telling me what to say and what to do.  Heavenly Father has an amazing interest in our lives.  We should always look to him.  The Plan of Salvation is real.  Me and my companion have been teaching an "investigator" who was denying Christ and Heavenly Father because his 14 year old son died of cancer and his mom and his uncle and the list goes on and on.  At the end of our lesson I testified to him that Heavenly Father loves us, and wants to communicate to us and that if he would pray and ask him if he will see his son, he will get an answer.  Then I talked about papa and how when he passed away I felt the same way he does and I prayed about it and I got my answer.  And after I closed with a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to give him an answer and tell him he loves him. After doing that our next lesson was awesome.  He was listening extremely well and soked in everything.  I testify that Prayer changes lives.  I love you!

Elder Willden

January 12, 2013
Hey I am doing great I just sent a bunch of letters so get ready for those!  I am now the district leader over my district!  I love this work and wouldn't trade anything for it!  I love you guys and hope you will write me!  I will do better with letters cause then I have time to write.  Love ya'll!
Elder Willden

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