Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Talking to y'all was so fun!!!  Well this will be the last week...  I can't believe it has gone by so fast.  Korina's Baptism was awesome!  Part of her family that lives here in East Texas came to her baptism and we were able to give them a church tour and they definitely felt the spirit while they were there.  Korina has changed so much.  We were able to teach her last night and I mentioned to her how happy she looks now, and how when we first met her she just seemed hopeless and negative.  It is amazing how living the Gospel makes us happy.  President and Sister Drake came to the baptism with one of their Daughters and her family.  His son in law said that he knew Ryan some how.  So, after Korina was baptized, while they were changing, Elder Hunter and I shared the Joseph Smith Story.  It was very powerful and you could tell that everyone in the room felt the spirit touch them.  It was exciting to see the faces of Korina's family members change while we shared that sacred and glorious experience.  After the baptism we asked Korina how she felt and she said that she felt clean and after her confirmation on Sunday we asked her how she felt and she said happy.  Being able to be cleansed from sin through making covenants with God, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is quite the deal to me!!  Seeing Korina happy and having changed so much brought so much joy to me.  Giving me the opportunity to be a missionary is the greatest gift God has ever given me.  It has brought me so much joy and knowledge.  I was thinking about this last night and earlier today, I would not be in the position I am in now today without Mom and Dad.  You taught me so much, y'all raised me as the parents of the army of Helaman.  You taught me to stand for truth, to love the Lord, and many other important things that if I had otherwise I would not be serving a mission today.  I love y'all.
  On Monday we were having dinner at a members house, and after we had finished eating we were talking about missionary work and the members role along with the missionaries role, and then their next door neighbor came walking in and had some questions about our faith.  He told us that he has gone everywhere, been to almost every different church you can think of and the only one he has not tried yet is ours.  We were able to teach him the restoration right there.  The spirit was really strong and he definitely liked the message.  Afterwards we set up a return appointment and left him some stuff to read.  The appointment was for Sunday, but he had some things he was busy with this Sunday so we will be rescheduling.  His name is Austin, I know he is ready and that Elder Hunter will have some success with him.
  We were also able to see Mathew once this week.  He is so smart and understands so much of the Gospel and is hungry for more, but he is not willing to change.  It is driving me nuts!  I love him though and hope the best for him.  Other than that we don't have to many solid investigators at the moment.  We will be doing a lot of finding this week that is for sure!  I love y'all and hope y'all have a fantastic week!  CYA on the 7th!
Elder Willden

Elder Willden and Christmas gifts

Karina's Baptism Day!

Dam at Lake Livingston

Golden Eagle

More Pictures of beautiful Lake Livingston

Christmas Dinner

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