Monday, December 22, 2014

Elder Hunter and I had a really good week this week.  Korina had her interviews and will be getting baptized this Saturday.  She is doing really good, she reads the Book of Mormon and loves church and prays all the time.  She is truly changing and it is fun to watch the change in her and I am sure her family has also noticed a change.  We were also able to meet with Mathew this week.  He is not progressing, but he still loves our church.  He talks about it all the time with his friends.  When we went over to his house his friends already knew everything about us and Mathew asked for a Book of Mormon to give to one of his friends right there.  We didn't even do much talking because he was going off about how good it is and how Joseph Smith saw the vision and translated the gold plates and then how we have a prophet here on the earth today.  Mathew knows a lot about what we share and just doesn't act on what he knows.  He lives a very hard lifestyle and it has been very hard for him to dig his way out of it.  He is a very good guy though and is down to earth, but we are just not sure what else we can do to help the guy.  
  On Saturday Elder Hunter and I had the unique opportunity to go ring the bell at Walmart for The Salvation Army.  One of our members had an Elf Suit that yall saw me in Monday night and he let me borrow it for the special occasion.  It was so funny, and lots of people were donating because of it.  We had a few people come up and get pictures with me as well.  Kids would look at me with the cutest eyes and I got a lot of people that called me Buddy the Elf.  At one point while we were ringing the bell, there were a few teenagers that walked in past us and about 20 minutes later they walked out past us hand cuffed and with a cop.  It was eye opening to me to see how Christmas can be used for much good and can also be used for bad.  It was sad to see that those teenagers had lost the sight of Christmas.  Christmas isn't about how much I can get, nor is it about how much I can give.  Christmas is about our Savior Jesus Christ's birth and the gifts we give in this season should always remind us of the greatest gift that was given to us.  It has also been very heart warming to see people reaching out to others.  It means a lot to see someone outside with there family in need and someone to stop and give them what they can.  
  That is pretty much our week summed up.  I love y'all and am excited to be able to talk to y'all on Christmas!
Elder Willden

Last Pday, dec 15, 2014  
Went to Lake Livingston....beautiful!!

Got flight home itinerary!!

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