Monday, October 13, 2014

Sorry for the late email.  We have been busy trying to say goodbye to everyone we need to.  Obviously from that you know that I am getting transferred.  This is going to be the hardest move for me yet.  I love this place and all of the people I have been able to meet.  They are simply amazing.  Just before we came to email we were at the Stewart's house (The Patriarch and his wife) and they gave us some cake and ice cream and then they gave me a Texas Belt Buckle as a departure gift.  They have had a profound affect on my life and I will always remember them and all they have taught me.
  This week has been a good week though.  Carisil wasn't able to be baptized this Sunday because she had to work and Warren was going to be out of town (the person baptizing her).  So, she will be baptized this week.  We were going through the baptismal questions with her this past week and she answered those questions the best that I have ever heard them answered.  She knows the doctrine and she lives what she knows.  Now here is the bad thing.  This transfer they are taking YSA out of our area and moving it to another set of missionaries.  Therefore neither Elder Sully and I will be the missionaries working with her the rest of the week.  But, we will both be at her baptism.  I was pretty mad about that when I first heard it, but I am dealing with it.  All will go well and she will be baptized and continue on in the church.  She was saying that she is planning on going to BYU Provo or Idaho in January so I am sure some how or another y'all will be able to meet her.  
  Ken Jones is still doing well.  He and his wife fed us dinner yesterday and it was really good!  We were also able to talk to his wife about the church.  It was awesome!  She has been researching the church and has loved what she has found.  We talked about the church welfare system and many other programs of the church.  Then we started talking about Joseph Smith because she had seen the Joseph Smith Movie.  And, it evolved to the Golden Plates and how we got the Book of Mormon and we were able to read many powerful passages out of the Book of Mormon with her that describe what it is all about.  Like 2 Nephi 25:26, Mosiah 3, and etc...  It was just a great conversation and hopefully now the Elders will start to work with her and she will get baptized in the near future.  Ken Jones continues to read his scriptures and progress though.  
  Jamie and Andy didn't make it to Stake Conference this week.  They said they didn't have enough gas and that they are trying to make it last because they don't have any money for a few days until he receives his pay check.  They did say that they are excited for Sunday next week to take the sacrament and etc...  But, they have been reading a lot lately, they are in Alma 2.  I hope all goes well with them and that they will continue to read their scriptures and go to church and pray to our Father in Heaven and I know that if they do, they will become some of the leaders in the church.  They have good hearts and bright minds and as they develop their talents and skills, I think that their children will follow their example and that their kids will be a light and beacon to those around them of the Restored Gospel. 
  We were able to teach Alex this week as well and she is doing fantastic!  She prayed about if she needs to be baptized or not and received the answer that she needs to.  We committed her to get baptized two weeks from this last Sunday, so hopefully the new Elders will be able to carry that out.  It is amazing how if you ask a specific question to God with real intent having faith that you will receive that....every time you will receive an answer.
  Overall everything is doing great here in Channel View and will continue as Elder Sully carries on the work here.  I really love this area and all of the people in it!  I love my mission and everything I have learned, and I love y'all!
Elder Willden
Elder Sully and Willden at Zone Conference

Some of the Zone missionaries at Conference

Elder Willden, Debra and Berlinda

Elder Willden and the Webb Family
Elder Willden, Warren and Carisil

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