Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference was LEGIT!  I really enjoyed all of it!  I packed up all of my notes that I took during conference in an envelope and  will be sending them to y'all.  I really loved all of it.  One of the ones that stuck out to me was by Lynn Robbins.  I love how he explained that we need to stand for what we believe and never give into peer pressure.  And, I loved how blunt D. Todd Christofferson was when he explained that truth is truth!  Overall, I was spiritually filled and it was an awesome conference!
  We have been working with Carisil a lot for the past week.  Carisil will be getting baptized this Sunday!  We were having a lesson with her and she exclaimed that she didn't feel like she was ready to be baptized.  As we asked some more questions and read a few scriptures she told us that she didn't feel worthy of being baptized right now.  We then asked her the question, "Would God want you to feel that you are unworthy or tell you that you are unworthy?" She then replied as expected, "no"  we then added the following question, "Then who would put that into your mind or want you to feel that way?" then a moment of silence passed by with tears and she replied, "Satan"  we again sat in silence for a few seconds as tears continued to flow.  We then told her that as we make good steps in our lives Satan will do everything he can to pull us down, we need to blot his voice out and listen to the encouraging voice of the Spirit.  It was awesome!  We then re-invited her to be baptized on the 12th of October and she said yes.  We are super excited for this baptism!  Thank you for all of your prayers in her behalf and the prayers for my companion and I, so that we could have the Spirit in order to teach.  
  Erika still has yet to talk to her parents.  We think because her parents are very strict she is afraid to bring anything up to them.  We recommitted her to talk to them and it was a solid commitment so we will see if she kept it sometime this week.  But, she continues to read and pray and keep all of the commitments that we leave.  
  Ken Jones gave us a call today and told us that the Spirit told him that we were hungry and needed some food, so he made us some sandwiches.  We were able to go over to his house before we came to email and eat them with him.  He used to work at a sandwich shop and those sandwiches were like professionally made.  We sat down and talked for a bit and he showed us some of his Kung Fu stuff haha.  We were also able to talk about General Conference, because he had watched all of the sessions.  He really enjoyed it and it was fun to talk about all of the different things that we learned.  Ken is a character and I love the guy.  He calls us his sons :) haha.  
  We haven't been able to see Jamie and Andy too often this week.  They are doing well though from what we know.  They still struggle, but the Lord always strengthens them.  I can't wait until they are able to be sealed in the temple!  That will be a special moment.  And I will most definitely be coming out here to Texas for that occasion:).  
  It was a great week!  All is going well in Summerwood!  We are going to be going to MLC on Tuesday and will be doing Zone Meeting on Friday in the meantime we will also be planning a baptism.  Our schedule is packed!  But, we like it that way.  The mission is the best thing ever!  Also, President and Sister Drake are doing just great as far as I know.  They seem to have everything down now and are driving and influencing the mission for good.  I LOVE Y'ALL!
Elder Willden

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