Monday, September 15, 2014

Elder Sully and I had Zone Meeting this week and we dressed up for a part in it that I will describe to y'all in the email.

We had Zone Meeting this week and for Zone Meeting we decided to focus on the New Mission Standards that we came up with in MLC on tuesday and to set some Zone Standards and to bring unity to the Zone because there are a lot of new missionaries.  We had an activity where we had sticky notes with a missionaries name on each one.  And we had each missionary come up and grab a sticky note and they would have to act out that person.  It was so great and it created a feel of bonding within the zone.  Afterwards we had an awesome activity.  So what we did is we set up a room with chairs like it was an airplane and we had airplane noises.  And, we created a bunch of tickets, and each missionary grabbed a ticket.  Elder Sully and I dressed up and we made it like they had just gotten on a plane and the plane was taking off.  Then, the plane had its engines go out and we crashed.  And, in a sense every missionary died.  On their ticket it had an A or B.  If they had an A they went to spirit paradise, if they had a B they went to spirit prison.  Elder Sully and I were the teachers in spirit prison and we had a good discussion on our new zone standards, while we had some sisters who are leaders talk to the missionaries in spirit paradise about the same things.  After that we took all of the missionaries to Judgement.  We had each missionary bring their area books and we made them think about how they were doing and if they were doing all that they could.  Then, we had them look on their ticket and it had either a 1, 2, or 3.  If they had a 1 they went to the Celestial Kingdom, if they had a 2 they went to the Terrestrial Kingdom, and if they had a 3 they went to the Telestial Kingdom.  I was able to speak to the missionaries who went to the Telestial Kingdom and we had a good discussion on a few of the mission standards while the other groups went over the other standards for the mission.  After that we all came together and talked about what the other groups talked about and had a solid discussion.  It was a really good meeting and the missionaries seemed to enjoy it and learned lots!

  Andy was able to get Confirmed this Sunday.  They were doing great!  Jamie got sick though and they had to leave church early when Andy was supposed to receive the Priesthood yesterday, so they will have to do it next week.  Earlier today we received a text from them that their car got repossessed.  So, we called them and Andy wasn't able to go to work due to not having a ride and they are just sitting at home right now.  I am so worried about them.  Satan has attacked them hard.  They have no money to get their car back and they don't know what to do.  We called their home teacher and let him know, so hopefully the ward will do something to help them or the Lord will provide a miracle.  It seems like every time they get up on their feet, they keep getting knocked down.  I know that this will strengthen them, they just need to keep pushing forward.  

  Ken Jones came to church this Sunday and is super pumped to get Baptized this coming Sunday.  He has progressed so much.  We had to do the stop smoking program with him last night so that he can be baptized this coming Sunday and he was all for it, and simply said that he just has to do it.  We will be finishing all of the lessons with him Wednesday and he will have his interview that night.  I have never had an Investigator progress so quickly.  He was totally prepared by the hand of God.  He has been telling us lately how much he wants to help out in the church and how he wants a calling to work for the Bishop kind of like his Secretary or something haha.  We are really excited for him and his decision to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.  
  So we have been working with Erika on getting baptized on the 21st and as she was going to come to church this Sunday she broke it to her parents that she wants to get baptized into our church.  Her parents freaked out and she wasn't able to come to church.  We are going to have to set up an appointment with her and see what we are going to be able to do with her whole parent situation.  We think her parents were letting her meet with us and everything just because she wanted to explore and get to know other faiths, but they didn't think she would actually want to get baptized, so we are going to have to work out all of those details this week.  
  We also are now teaching another YSA named Carisil.  One of our members invited us to come over to his home to teach her.  She is catholic, but she has some friends that are part of our church so she started going to YSA activities then she decided to start going to church and now she is meeting with us:).  We were able to teach her part of the Restoration.  It was great because every time she had a question she would just ask.  We had a great lesson with her and will be teaching her again tonight and will be inviting her to be baptized so this should be exciting!  
  Right now we are getting a larger teaching pool and they are all people that have a great potential to be baptized.  The Lord has blessed us so much lately.  Thank you for all of your prayers, they are truly bringing people who are prepared into our paths.  Missionary work is the best!  I love y'all and hope all is going well back at home.  
Elder Willden

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