Monday, April 14, 2014

This week was a great week!  Elder Davis and I have been working hard and are joyful.  We have been doing this thing where we try to serve one companionship in our zone a day.  It is awesome.  Our zone continues to be the most productive zone in the mission.  They are awesome missionaries.  Anyways, do y'all remember who Paul the Mann is?  Paul has been being taught for a while now and he had only been to church once.  We were able to get him to church this week!  It was awesome, and now we are working to overcome his smoking addiction.  Smoking is so bad, it is an extremely hard addiction to overcome.  But, a few things about Paul.  He is an older man, he had back surgery and talks about it all the time and how bad his back is.  He is very self conscious about what others think about him.  He is a character.  But, he is going through a lot of trials at this point in time.  He hasn't seen his daughter in 8 years or so and she is married and has a kid.  He has recently been talking to her over the phone.  She told him that she would come visit this last Wednesday.  She never showed.  He also has been going through a few other problems.  He has a good heart for others.  We will continue to work with him and hopefully we can help him overcome his trials. 
  We also taught Lambris this week and same story over again.  His dad told him he can't go to church, but he is all good to meet with us.  It doesn't make much sense and Lambris is sad that he can't come to church.  But, he is doing missionary work.  He showed the Book of Mormon to one of his friends and now they read together with his friends family out of the Book of Mormon.  He is an awesome teenager.  We weren't able to meet with Lisa Ferresh.  Someone died and she had to go and attend their funeral.  We will be meeting with her this week.
  I love missionary work!  It is so fun to talk about and learn about Christ all day every day.  Elder Davis and I have been doing really good he is awesome!  I told him about mom's cinnamon rolls and he really wants them.  He kept asking me if I could get you to send some.  It is up to you though :).  I hope y'all know I truly love you.  Y'all are a big motivation for me to keep going.  I know this is the Lord's work.  It is hard sometimes to think about it because we get caught up in other things.  We should always be missionary minded.  If we look at Alma the younger.  He was the Chief Judge, he had a lot of responsibilities.  He was very busy, but when the people began to become wicked, he gave up the distractions around him to do missionary work.  He even gave up his position as Chief Judge.  We live at a time of wickedness, we cannot allow the worldly things in our life get in the way of us sharing our wonderful and life changing message. 
Elder Willden

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