Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Davis and I had a wonderful week.  We were able to go on two exchanges this week.  The first one was on Wednesday and I was with Elder Nikolaus and I don't have a picture to go with that one (sorry).  The second one was on Friday and I was with Elder's Lattin and Rust on the left hand side in the picture.  It is so fun to be able to go help other missionaries in their areas.  On the other hand I learn so much from it.  I love being able to constantly improve. 
  Being with Elder Davis has been a real blessing to me.  He has taught me so much and it has been nice to be able to have a companion that has been out longer than you, and can teach you the effective ways to do missionary work.  Our area has been struggling though with finding investigators who are solid and will meet with us often.  A lot of our day we are out tracting.  It gets taxing at times, but every morning we are able to get up and keep going.  We know that as we continually seek guidance from our Heavenly Father and as we apply our Faith that we will begin to find those who have been prepared by the hand of the Lord, because the field is white.  
We have been teaching this teenager named Lambris; he is 15 years old.  He is black and really skinny.  He loves religion and absolutely loves it when we come over.  He is just soaking up our message.  His family is catholic though and they are fine with us teaching him, but they haven't been letting him come to church.  Hopefully as we continue to teach him his family will sit in also and they will all come to church.
  I have been slowely reading the Pearl of Great Price because I have never read it before.  As I was reading there was an awesome scripture I came across.  Abraham 1:2, Abraham is telling us the desires he has and all the desires he had he accomplished.  Along with that in Alma 29:5 It tells us that whatever our desires are we will receive.  I know that as we have righteous desires and we work diligently to get them we will receive them.  I love y'all! 
Elder Willden

Ha Ha...look at street name!

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