Monday, June 10, 2013

Howdy!  Hottitude just continues to rise.  My clothes are beginning to turn yellow from my sweat, so that's always a beautiful sight!  haha.  Anyways, Elder Roundy and I have been working it up.  We had a lot of appointments fall through this week from people we tracted into or talked to on the street, but that's okay because the Lord has a plan in everything. 
 I got to go on an exchange this week with Elder Ek, who is a spanish missionary.  I didn't really say anything in any of the lessons except for Hola, haha.  It was a good experience though.  
So, we have an Investigator named Esther, she is an older spanish lady(74) and is a strong believer in Christ and likes the Book of Mormon and she teaches english in High School.  We went and had a lesson with her on Friday.  I asked her a few questions and even though the other missionaries have been through the lessons with her twice, she still didn't know what priesthood authority was.  So, therefore we are going to reteach the lessons and make them as simple as possible. 
 I had an interesting experience Saturday night.  We went over to a man's home whom we had talked to in the street and he came outside and talked with us for a bit.  He was trying to preach to us and every time we would say a few words, he would just start talking again.  And, then he started talking about why we don't need and shouldn't have the Book of Mormon and I got the impression to just bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon.  So, I did so, and then he started going of on how I was wrong.  And, I said a prayer in my head asking Heavenly Father to bring the spirit to the conversation if it was his will.    It brought tears to my eyes as I realized that this man had made his decision at this point in his life.  All I wanted to do was help him.  But, he would not accept.  Anyways, I told that story because Heavenly Father has given us all agency.  We all have the ability to choose the light or the dark.  I hope and pray that, that man will one day choose the light and that we all will continue to choose the light.  And if we aren't doing so at this point, to change our direction and start on the true and living path to Christ and our Heavenly Father.  I love this work.  My mission is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life.  This church is true and I bear witness of it in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  
I love all of you and pray for you every night.  I feel your prayers in my life and thank you for them.
Elder Willden

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