Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hola Brethren and Sisteren.  Elder Roundy and I have had a good week!  We are still working on getting more investigators.  I don't know if I told ya'll or not, but our area was split this transfer and all of the investigators went to the other area, so we pretty much started at zero.  But, it is going well.  We are working with a man named Bobby Harris.  He is an older gentleman and is really smart.  When we first met him, we had a long discussion with him and after; he said that if we had just talked about something he already knew he wouldn't have listened to us.  He has a different personality, not weird just different.  He wants to learn more, but our appointments keep falling through because he is too busy.  He isn't coming to church either, so we are really hoping to get in with him this week.  
We had a crazy experience that consisted of Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday night while we were planning, I got the distinct impression to visit an older lady in our ward who can't ever make it to church because of medical issues and no one hardly ever visits her except us.  So, on Wednesday we went to go see her and she came out and we started talking and she said it was her birthday.  And, right then I knew that we were Heavenly Father's gift to her.  Heavenly Father loves us.  I have seen it over and over again.  His love is unconditional.  He is a perfect Father.  He knows what we need when we need it.  And, he will do all he can to bless us.  The way he blesses us is through commandments.  He gives us commandments so that we can live them, so he can bless us.  It is truly amazing.  
Anyways, we are also working with a 10 year old boy named Trey Woods.  His mother is less active and wants Trey to be baptized.  But, you can't be baptized unless you are coming to church.  So, we finally got them to church this Sunday!  Trey is really smart he is a quick learner....  Like Luke.  He reads the Book of Mormon every night now and wants the Holy Ghost to be in his life.  He is a good kid.  
Anyways, the reason why I didn't email yesterday is because our mission was meeting with a General Authority.  Elder Golden from the first qourum of the Seventy.  It was really good and he taught us a lot.  Anyways I love ya'll and hope all is going great.  Love my mission.  Love the work. 
Elder Willden

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