Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Howdy ya'll.  I got transfered again.  I am now in Fall Creek, Houston.  My new companion is Elder Roundey.  I had a good week last week with Elder Meyer.  We had a really cool experience with a man we were teaching named Sam.  We went over to have a lesson with him and he wanted to do it outside because he had a friend over that didn't want to be around us.  And, there was a man across the street blasting music out of his truck.  We were trying to have a lesson, but the spirit wasn't there because of the music.  So, in the middle of the lesson I said a silent prayer asking Heavenly Father to please make it so that the spirit could be here and closed.  Then, I looked up and a lady came out of the house that the guy with the truck was parked in, holding a phone.  He then turned off the music and went inside.  Heavenly Father answers our prayers it is amazing the way he works.
 I was on an exchange Friday night with my district leader Elder Halter, and our Zone Leaders knocked on our door.  They then proceeded to tell me that Elder Meyer and I were going to be transfered and our area was going to become bigger and they are going to put sisters into it.  I was really sad.  But, I once again referred myself back to 1 Nephi 3:7.  
I just barely got to Fall Creek, so I will tell ya'll more about it next week.  Thank you so much for the package and tell aunt Mimi and Grandma and Grandpa thank you.  It really made my day when I got those, so thanks again. 
 President Crawford said that he is excited to see what I will do with this area now, so I need to work my behind off haha.  Elder Roundey said that they have been struggling with investigators and that the area in general is struggling.  Elder Roundey and I recently decided to just put our shoulder to the wheel and the lord will do the rest.  
I love ya,ll and I wrote a letter... I just need to find the time to send it.  Thank you for all ya'll have done for me to prepare me for this opportunity.  Love my Mission.  Love the Work. And Love ya'll.
Elder Willden

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