Monday, May 20, 2013

Elder Willden and Elder Meyer

Elder Willden and Elder Meyer in front of Houston, TX  Temple

Elder Willden looking at Houston Temple

Elders touring Battleship

Elder Willden and a BIG Gun

Olegario Garza's Baptism on 5/18/13
Pasadena, TX

This is Olegario.  I will be confirming him this coming sunday!  It was an amazing baptism.  He bore his testimony after and it was awesome!

Howdy Ya'll!  We had an awesome week this week!  We had the Baptism of Olegario Garza.  It was so good.  He was so excited for his baptism.  He had a dream two nights before of getting baptized and he went in the water and came out and he said everything looked different.  Then, the night before he couldn't sleep.  And, at his baptism he was really excited and after he got baptized at the end of the meeting he bore his testimony.  It was so powerful.  Everyone who was there could feel it.  He told us that after he got baptized, as he was getting dressed he looked into the mirror and saw a new him.  He said he saw a grown up version of himself.  It was an amazing experience to teach this great son of God and get him baptized by proper authority.  He was supposed to get confirmed by me on Sunday.  But, he spent the night in the hospital, because he ran outside on the pavement without shoes and was missing a huge chuck of skin on both feet.  He still showed up, but it was too late; so we will be doing it next week.  We have been working hard and have seen the hand of the lord in the work.  The family that we met during Hour of Power is Shurly(70's), Tracy(40's) and Crystal(15).  We got to meet with them twice last week.  And, they are reading the Book of Mormon and have committed to be baptized on the 29 of June.  So, that is going well.  They are struggling a bit though because Crystal (Tracy's daughter) is failing all of her classes except for one and is really stubborn and won't listen to what they say.  So, they weren't able to show up to church because they were having problems with her.  Anyways, we are teaching another guy named Kenieth(16).  He is a black boy and plays football.  He is really athletic, so we get along well.  Haha jkjk.  We have been trying to get him to church, but like every other teenager in the world all they want to do is hang out.  So, every time we go to pick him up he is gone hanging out.  If we can get him to church, I am sure he will want to keep coming.  His baptism date is the 22 of June.  Well, I don't really know what else to say besides I love ya'll and it is getting extremely hot here!  I sunscreen myself twice a day haha. 
Elder Willden

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