Monday, August 5, 2013

 Elder Martinez and I are doing great.  We saw Bobby this week and he is doing good and still planning on coming to church this Sunday.  We had to clear up some issues because Elder Roundy left and he started to think that all we are here to do is convert people and leave.  We then explained that we can still communicate with him and after our mission we can still go by and see him.  It was all fine afterwards.  
Anyway we weren't able to see David this week because he had some family fly in and he has been really busy.  He wasn't able to show up to church either, so hopefully we will be able to get in with him this week.  
We saw Natalie and taught her the Plan of Salvation.  She liked it and it went well.  She also came to church Sunday and she is loving it.  Her son Jeremiah tried to take off with a toy truck from church, it was so funny.  So, she is doing well and her Baptism Date is the 1st of September.  
On Thursday we had a lot of appointments fall through and a name popped into my head.  James Ogbivorne.   He is a former who we have tried once or twice.  We went to try him and he was actually home this time.  So, we started talking to him and he wasn't interested at all.  Then I felt inspired to talk about God and his love for us.  And, afterwards he wanted to meet with us again and invited us in to pray.  It was a mighty change of heart.  
We also met with a guy named Mack.  I don't know if I have told ya'll about Mack or not, but anyways we had a Restoration lesson with him and it went really well.  He is willing to do the things we invite him to do.  I have learned so much and will continue to grow.  I Love this work, Love my Mission, and love ya'll.
Elder Willden
Ps. It is okay to email me pictures.  And, Bailee looks way different... 

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