Monday, July 22, 2013

 July 8:
My knee still bothers me, but I dont think it is worth it to see what it is.  I would rather push through it and figure out what it is if I need to at home.  I agree Patience is one of the toughest virtues for me.  And, I didn't get transfered, but my companion is being transfered and I am going to be training.  Transfers are tomorrow.  I am excited about training, but a little stressed because it can be rough.  Anyways, Love you.
Elder Willden

July 22:
All is going well in the Fall Creek West area.  We were not able to see Lee Knott this week because it was pouring at the time of her appt. and we have to meet outside.  We met with a lady named Pat Hosea whom we have been working with for the past two weeks.  I will tell ya'll her story really quick.  One day went to try a former investigator and we knocked on the door and no one answered.  Then, a lady yelled from behind some bushes, "Elders"  and we walked over and it was an older lady in our ward.  We then sat down with her for a while and gave a lesson and asked if she knew anyone that was struggling.  She then told us about Pat and how she had recently moved back here and hadn't been to church in a long time.  She told us where she lived and we left.  Then, we felt like we needed to go see her right then.  So, we went over to her house and she was out on her swing chair.  We went up and talked to her for a while and it went well.  We continued to go back and she opened up more and more every visit.  She came to church yesterday and is now preparing to go do temple work for her parents.  It is amazing how the lord guides us as his servants, there is no way we could've ever found her without going and trying that former because we felt impressed to do so.  
Anyways, I also have another story.  We have a recent convert in our ward named Cynthia O'balle.  And, she recently was called to be an Usher for church.  Right before church started Elder Martinez and I were waiting to see if an investigator would show up and while waiting I watched Cynthia for a minute.  She was holding all the programs and passing them out as people walked up.  People were coming up quickly so she was frantically passing them out.  And, as one person was waiting for her to hand them one she said, "Sorry I am not very good at this."  I felt the spirit so strongly at that particular moment.  God doesn't call us to do something that we can already do.  He calls us to help us learn and grow.  Cynthia was fulfilling her calling even though she wasn't comfortable doing it. She did it because she was called by God.  
Alright now one last thing.  One night last week we ran out of things to do so we decided we were going to walk up and down the street and talk to everyone we see.  As we were walking we ran into a young man named Jasper in his 20's and we set an appt. with him.  We then went to the appt. on saturday and had a lesson and he was soaking up every word we said.  So, I will talk a little more about him in my next email.  I love ya'll and hope all is well!
Elder Willden

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